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UPI: U.S. dropping cluster bombs on civilians...

The U.S. is now dropping cluster bombs on Iraqi civilians. Meanwhile, Portland city government refuses to condemn the invasion and lets the police pepperspray anyone who marches against these atrocities...
From United Press International


Coalition shelling targets Iraqi civilians

Published 3/27/2003 1:56 PM

BAGHDAD, Iraq, March 27 (UPI) -- Al-Jazeera satellite TV said Thursday that coalition shelling targeted a residential area in the northern city of Mosul that killed or wounded at least 50 people, while 10 more people were killed and 44 others injured in Baghdad.

Al-Jazeera showed footage of destroyed houses in a residential quarter north of Mosul where relief workers were searching for bodies buried under the rubble. It said some 50 people, mostly women and children, were killed or wounded.

"They are all children and women," said a woman who was fleeing the targeted area with family members and neighbors. "Why all this? If I see an American soldier, I will tear him apart," she said.

Al-Jazeera also showed pictures of dozens of angry Iraqis carrying coffins of at least 17 people who were killed in the shelling on Mosul, shouting against anti-U.S. sentiments and pledging to defend Iraq.

A woman was fighting back tears when she said: "We will all sacrifice ourselves for the sake of Iraq" while an elderly man poured out his anger against U.S. President George W. Bush and defied him to depose Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

Samir Aziz Najm, an Iraqi military official, said the shelling on Mosul once more proved that the U.S.-British forces were targeting residential and not military positions.

Meanwhile, initial reports indicated 10 more Iraqi civilians were killed and 44 others wounded in renewed bombings on Baghdad Thursday that targeted a residential complex affiliated with the Ministry of Housing. The number of casualties was feared to be higher.

Brigadier Hatem Ali al-Khalaf, head of the Civil Defense Department, said coalition warplanes dropped cluster bombs, some of which did not explode.