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Fax Action

Idea for fax action. (Purely Hypothetical)
One way to get the attention of our local, county, state, and federal leaders is to send facsimile messages to them.
Fax messages can be sent from many places where they are paid for in cash, though be prepared to be captured on video and take necessary precautions if you want to preserve your anonymity.
We seem to be in a hijacked democracy, where our political leaders listen to corporate special interests instead of we the people. Time to remind them of our innovative nature and that we are their employers and that we are not being heeded.
I am not sure of the legality of this idea, so this is purely hypothetical:
Say one were to print out a page on their home computer with a message, such as "No War", or "No More Pepper Spray" in 36 point white letters on a black background.. say three pages of this message. Then this hypothetical individual were to take said message to some low-key public rental fax machine, insert message, dial career politician's fax. When first page is complete, it is taped, edge to edge to last page, then second page to first, and first page, finally, to third.. creating a loop. After 15 or so pages of message are broadcast, loop is broken, message is retrieved and activist retires to secure location. The politician on the other end might not have the toner to receive messages from their corporate masters.
Any thoughts?
yeah 27.Mar.2003 11:50


including the photos of the saddist police smiling while pepper spraying the woman would be good.