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BD Feebleness by B. Meade

Bush Daddy Feebleness: Pity the feeble poophead king?
"Do not weep for the dead king" Jeremiah 22:10

My Daddy said that Bush Daddy has been feigning feebleheadedness to cover up his stupidity and his evilness since he was a kid. Since no one figured out that not one allied soldier died in combat in the Persian Gulf War, thanks to the lightning-quick response of Senator John Heinz and company(245686), you probably figured that Bush Daddy was a war hero because he would become emotional over film footage of that war. The populace appears to be suckers for the rehearsed emotions that conceal the depraved indifference to human life of Bush Daddy Tribe. It doesn't matter if you call them Niggardly Asinine Zionist Idiots(Nazis), Contras, or terrorists(66464, 174299, 197071, & 243623); you can be sure that they will come up with another name. They will even kill a named faction of BDT and try to blame everything on them. Such is the sacrificial mindset that arises from the "Serpent" that is Zionism(Is. 59:4; 132033). Keep in mind that these "Heads" of the "Serpent", like Bush Daddy, Nicholas Exarchou, and Abimael Guzman, use look-a-like decoys to help impress upon their followers that they are everywhere. Most members of BDT are too stupid to recognize a decoy; thus when they finally meet the real "McCoy", they probably leave, thinking: "Gee! He's a bigger poophead than I thought!" Photographs of Abimael Guzman have been rare as has been the case with knowledge of his Eastern roots. Once Shining Path Marxist Guerillas become known for their murderous activities, Abimael Guzman was temporarily imprisoned, and the Shining Path "arm" of the "Serpent" probably resurfaced as Contras or in other roles for the chemical-mongering Nazi BDT(231491). The immediate destruction of seized "chemicals" in Iraq is apparently the only way to keep BDT from getting them and broadcasting them on the populace again. The pressurization of my apartment is apparently a common "death trap" practice that probably arises from the Wisconsin Death Trip(80050 & 153901). Although sulfurous acid and other chemicals may cause you to cough, "smoker's cough" apparently arises from Anthrax damage to the lungs; thus more proof that Anthrax has been used as a "dangerous instrument" for ages. If you don't smoke and BDT stuffed poop in your mouth the minute you were born; you are accepted by BDT. "You could even be President!" A dummkopf Nazi puppet ruler(230127 & 236706)! It seems like BDT has Bush Daddy's kid destroying Baghdad, thinking that Baghdad is "Babylon" when everyone knows that "Babylon on the Potomac" is the true "Babylon". It became a religious matter when the dummkopfs started behaving like they were God on earth. "The trouble he causes recoils on himself...his violence comes down on his own head"(Ps. 7:16). Since Bush Daddy claims that he doesn't want to go "Bowling in Jerusalem", that's another reason that he will make a Great Dead King(93509 & 198448). If Bush Daddy's not happy, tell him not to worry. Israel will put a smile on his face and make him stand up, then he will be a feebleminded dummkopf no more. As for the rest of the feebleminded Israelite-wannabes of BDT, their feebleminded Holiness should take them to Hooterville and maybe Jerusalem(102423). Such is the destiny of those who have used Creative NonViolence(33468) for the feebleminded pursuit of murder in a society plagued by the contrived incompetence of the feebleminded dunces(186353). I'm sure that this will bring more of Bush Daddy's feebleminded followers to point the finger and shake their heads at me, and they will do it for everything that I do, hoping that they can convince someone that the legal is illegal. "He's been mocking my poopheads!"

PS: Dummkopfs apparently use war as a way to gain votes, cement police control of state, and promote lawlessness, and Bush Daddy will probably dress up as Mrs. Alletta George (203337) to try his feebleminded feminine side on you to convince you that good is bad and "duh" is smart. 3/26/03 - The stage has been set with Secret Service, unknowingly and unwittingly gaining control of every aspect of my life in Ithaca in an attempt to control the Biblical prophecy that they embraced when they listened to the mindless ramblings of Bush Daddy and tribe. They do not have any knowledge of what is legal because it has never been an issue with them. Secret Service is the semi-legal arm of the "fedya guvmint thug" network that makes manifest the Nazi BDT. 3/27/03 - Secret Service and all the "fedya guvmint thugs" that support them have been behaving like they were God on earth, since Bush Daddy told them that he was going to be a King or some other damn thing. They have control of so many people in Tompkins County that they can decide what is important, what news gets publicized, and how the local authorities spend their time. By trying to destroy Israel, they have become the last Israelite-wannabes left in the land(Mic. 7:2).

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Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Israel" Deaf Messenger
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