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Send thanks to Senator Byrd

Please send your thanks to Senator Byrd for being the lone voice of reason in hostile waters. His e-mail address: senator  byrd@byrd.senate.gov
Senator Byrd gave a terrific speech opposing the war a few days ago ("Today I Weep for My Country") and is continuing to be the sole voice of reason in the Senate by reminding us that the $74 billion requested "is just a downpayment." Please thank him for having a conscience. His address is: senator  byrd@byrd.senate.gov Thanks.
My thanks 26.Mar.2003 18:24


Senator Robert Byrd,

It is a pleasure and honor to live in the same country with you. You have been the voice of reason in a Senate full of bloodily daggers. Many of us too weep for the America that was. With so many 'lines crossed' in the last few months and years the only fight to defend America is the fight to restore America. America the word was once a beacon of hope to the world. Now it is feared and hated by most of the planet. Everyone in the world is not wrong. When the United States can only gain support through buying it, that is not support that is political commerce.

With the election process gone soon dialogue will pass. In every town and city in America the people oppose this criminal war. Those dogs of war, who say they are for it, are transparent enough. I am reminded of a woman in Seattle this last weekend, who when interviewed at a very small Pro-War 'rally' said "... (she) only wished she had two sons to send to the war" You may remember the World War One tune;

I didn't raise my boy to be a soldier,

I brought him up to be both proud and brave.

There'd be no war today if every mother say,

I didn't raise my boy to be a soldier.

But that was a time before Corporate Media sound bites, and guaranteed profits for war munitions. That was so long ago they named it 'The War to End all Wars'.

In a few months we are going to have our first child. When it is time to teach him individualism I will play the tapes of you on the floor of the Senate.