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Anti-War strategy

Anti-war strategy
I have a new strategy for the anti-war movement. Obey the law. Protest peacefully. Committing acts of civil disobedience only results in the loss of credibility for the anti-war movement.
yeah... 26.Mar.2003 16:10

remembers history

Yeah, like how credibility was lost for the civil rights movement, the movement against the Vietnam war, and the Ghandian movement, right??

Uncle Sam wants you to go do some shopping, you're thinking too much.

thanks 26.Mar.2003 18:56


So now the trolls have decided to masquerade as liberals? Get a life. This isn't a new idea.

I'm open to everything 26.Mar.2003 20:11


but it doesn't fit my schedule to be hauled in right now, and might piss my wife off. But rock on!! to you people who do. This is a braod-based movement and different tactics just reflect that. and if being illegal turns you off, try being just unconventional. I give the peace sign to anyone that I see while I'm driving around for my job. Or at the counter of any store or shop. "How are you?" they ask; "Hopin' for peace" they hear.

Keep that "rally spirit" alive through the day.

idiots listen up 26.Mar.2003 22:34


I was just down in the Bay Area this weekend. The Pro-War crowd had a nice demonstration in which they went out of their way to not piss people off. They crossed the streets at the stop lights and were extremely courteous. They understand that this is all about winning the hearts and minds.

The anti-war crowd hasn't gotten this memo yet and are ruining their cause.