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Mirrors are a new tool to disrupt the police state at demonstrations
While attending an anti-Columbus Day demonstration here in Denver I had an idea for using a new tool to disrupt proceedings; the mirror. This is a great way to show the police what they look like when they don their fascist armor. Caution should be used to avoid shinning the light of a bright sun into the eyes of these helmeted minions of the corporate police state as it might cause temporary blindness and an inability for them to aim there beanbag bazookas or teargas launchers. I would suggest that people bring small to medium size mirrors. Some mirrors for camping will not break. If large mirrors were used it might be interesting but one runs the risk of having broken glass going everywhere. Can you imagine a wall of mirrors meeting a wall of police in riot gear? This tool might be just the thing to stop a parade of Columbus supporters too. I cant wait for next year to try it. Remember... we must have peace in our hearts to create peace in the world. CARRY ON!!!
yeah, you thought that up 26.Mar.2003 17:11


they've been using mirrors against stormtroopers in europe for years. at genoa in 2001, mirrors were declared a weapon by the city and anyone carrying one could be arrested for carrying a weapon. which says to me that they work (given the right sunny conditions)!