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The BOO needs our help!

They are right there in the streets with us...letting the world know that we give a damn...Community radio, radical community radio trying to keep us all free and informed...KBOO needs our help! WE ARE THE MEDIA!
The BOO needs our help!
The BOO needs our help!
KBOO Non-commercial Community Radio needs your help! They are trying to raise money during their bi-annual fund raising event. Help to Ensure KBOO's Presence on the public airwaves! What would the REVOLUTION be without the BOO? 90.7 FM or live and streaming on the web at  http://www.kboo.fm

Remember as a contributor...you own the media...you are the media!

Call them or go in and give them a some bucks. It takes a diversity of tactics to bring peace to the world. KBOO, like Indymedia is media for the people by the people.

Call them at (503)232-8818 or if you live out of town call 1-800-500-5266

Here's a sample of a story they ran about the recent resistance to war in Portland.

Instructions: Go to Kboo at  http://www.kboo.fm/index.php and click on the link.

Estimates of between 20,000 and 45,000 people marched and rallied for peace in downtown Portland on March 15, holding firm to their opposition to an unprecendented preemptive, and largely unilateral war on Iraq. KBOO's Andrew Stelzer was in the belly of Little Beirut, capturing the voices of those perserverent Oregonians who won't give up this fight. (Runs approx. 6.30)

Here's some reasons why to support KBOO:

They were on the streets with us this last week.
They continue to educate us about our civil rights and altert us to when and how we are losing them.
They let the PEOPLE speak!

And here's a list of some of thier programs heard every day.

People Rise Up
Psychedelicacies Revolutionary Reggae
Radio Free Ireland
KBOO Evening News
Labor Radio
This Way Out
Circle -A- Radio
Hole in the Bucket
Voices of the Middle East
Proverbial Perspectives
Feminista Factor
Prison Pipeline
KBOO Youth collective program: The underground
Free Speech Radio News
Rise When the Rooster Crows
Veteran's Voice
Marlene's Electronic Salon
Voices from the edge
Veteran's Voice
Marlene's Electronic Salon
Folk Espresso
Early Morning Gumbo
Ramblin' Round
Morning Glory
Lark in the Morning
Swing & Country
The Gospel Express
Talk Radio
Joe Uris
Locus Focus
Old Mole Variety Hour Between the Covers
Stage and Studio Movie Talk
Music from the True Vine
Holland Hour
Italian Hour
Thursday Radiozine
Portland Yiddish Hour
Making Contact
Art Focus
Sounds of Awareness
Boneheads & Bigots
Loafer's Glory
Root and Branch
Weekly Lecture Series
Movin' On Persian Art & Music
Hillbilly Hunh?
Jazz Bebop
Dharma Wheel
Home Cookin' with Gene
Mujeres Bravas
Nick & Molly Show
World Music
Blue Monday
Indian World
Mitakuye Oyasin
Buscando America
Armando Puentes
Jazz in the Afternoon
Rockaholics Anonymous
African Dance Party
Africa O-Ye!
Fiesta Caliente
Inside Out
Tejano 90.7
Jazz World
La Voz de La Comunidad
Roots of Rock & Roll
Grateful Dead & Friends
Noticiero Latino
Timesound Clemy's Grooves
Amanda's Jam Corner
Non-Stop Hip Hop
Essence of Soul Quiet Storm
From the Grassroots
The Blue Zone
Blue Rhythm
Environments East/West
Bread & Roses
The Celtic Hour
Drinking From Puddles
A Different Nature
Roots, Rock, Reggae
An Evening of Afrotainment
Women's Music Mix
The Talking Earth
World Beat Connection
Tiki Cha Cha Club
Church of Northwest Music
Night of the Living Tongue
One Love Jam Down
Autonomy Hour
Dr. Zomb's Stereo Obscura
The Outside World Boogie in the Dark
The Soundbox
Life During Wartime
Kaleidoscope Sounds
Portland General Eclectic
Vinyl Pajama Party Shocks of Sheba Depth Charge
Subterranean Modern No Soap Radio
Psychedelicacies Revolutionary Reggae

homepage: homepage: http://www.kboo.fm

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Keep up the great work!

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