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Things Have Changed...

Protests and what makes them powerfull and effective has changed in the last week and in order to make the best of the huge emerging anti-war movement we need to examine our stratagy,what has changed and what we need to do different....
Tis article is for entertainment purposes only and i am not advocating any of the ideas contained-so screw you patriot act!

So the world has changed.
The US has ignored the world and created a war in Iraq.
We responded on Thur. with a ground breaking protest that has changed many things.
First off this protest was a huge success and we need to reconize this fact and take pride in our victorys when we can get them.WE DID IT~!
We changed the world (in Portland at least and not in Iraq) and made history by shuting Portland down for the first time to such a degree.
no city has ever shut down four bridges in one night.And NO one has ever shut down 3 freeways in the same protest!

This also means that the police responce to protests has done a virtual 180 and will assault kids when they try to cross sidewalks LEGALY and pepper spray people wih even more abandon then before.
In short we need to change our tactics and even our overall stratagy as what we are doing right now(since thur.) has been fairly ineffective and been completly shut down by over eager cops.
To some degree it is really amazing that we can have protest,arrests and pepper spray soaked police brutality every day of the week but we also must understand that for the time being we simply cannot take the streets,do property destruction or even cross the streets at protests of less than thousands of people as the police department seems fine with throwing away money on tons of riot cops and associated thugs/kindly officers.
WE can do all of these things in small spread out groups around the city if they so not meet together and stay away from the slow moving rapid responce team.
ALSO we can still do lock downs in streets if we set them up before the cops can get there and go nuts on us.
WHAT we cannot do is try to shut down the city or smash things as unpermitted marchers.
WE could also reexamine our stratagy and see if shuting the city down is still a good goal or if property damge should be done at night by small groups of people rather than at large anti-war demos.
So in summery I would say that we need to examine our stratagy and tactics and realize that while we need to keep the amazing energy going that we also need to use new ideas and that activism is more than marching on the side walk with a black mask on.
Heres some ideas:
Do small office occupations that do not antagonize anyone but the fucked up corporation that you are targeting.
Form an Affinity Group of your friends.
Use this group to brainstorm new ideas and things that we can do...right now.
Be creative-enact your plans,be careful and dont fear the police.
Hard locks are better than just soft locks,both will get you arrested and are easy to do if you are faster than your friendly police force.