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Peace Camp Action Alert!

The rules are changed again.
I just came from the Peace Camp where inhabitants have been asked to move their property from federal land. They now have all their stuff on the sidewalks and have been advised by homeland security that they can stay there, can stand on the grass, as long as their stuff doesn?t touch the land (shoes on the lawn and sign-holding are permitted). The sidewalks are city property so the jurisdiction has been shifted to the PPB to enforce the laws (sit/lie/stand ordinance). The 15 or so determined campers show resolve and vow to stay there until they are picked up and carried away by force. This is the latest development in a situation where the rules are being changed daily. The campers were initially told by homeland security troops that they could camp with tents as long as they kept the property clean (the leave no trace philosophy that is applied to all federal lands, forests or not). But every day, the rules change. Right now, they need your show of solidarity more than ever. Food, smiles and additional peaceful campers are always welcome!
Coffee and Cigarettes Needed 26.Mar.2003 13:44

Camper 15

There is no official position that campers will stay until removed by force. Currently the PPC has been employing a strategy of "tactical retreat" to prevent the possibility of citation or arrest. At every stage the PPC has complied with police orders and there is no plan at this time to defy an order to disperse.

The hopelessly idealistic leadership is infact in the process of transforming itself into a "peace police" by ordering fellow campers to infact remain standing the whole time in order to prevent the possibility of running afoul of the Portland sitting/camping law.

The leadership is clearly shaken by the possibility of a conflict with the Portland police, one leader, nearly in tears, was overheared wimpering "I thought Love conquered all," but reality frequently contradicts ideals.

Send coffee and cigarettes.


Warm food and drinks 26.Mar.2003 19:09


I brought them a big pot of veggie black beans and rice last night. I plan on bring more food tonight. If anything I tell everybody to go by and tell them what a good job there doing.

Everybody should call City Hall and demand that they be left alone. Not like there costing the city any money, unlike the hundreds of hours of unneeded overtime for police. But I bet the police aren't complaining about that. Maybe we should ask the police to work for free too, cause I'd rather give my tax dollars to teachers.