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Organizing locally to push the impeachment process! Come get involved, we are circulating petitions, you've heard of us, we've got over 3,000 signatures! We are working weekends out of a storefront on se 37th north of Hawthorne, next to buffalo exchange, come help us organize. We will be meeting tonight!

Theres a whole crapload of things we have to go over tonight to continue organizing.


homepage: homepage: http://iracpdx.org
address: address: 602 NE Prescott - side door off 6th - just walk in

impeach clinton 26.Mar.2003 12:01


I signed two impeachment petitions one from the NRA in 1993 and another in 1995 against Bill Clit-Toon, they had over 2 million signatures. it was delivered to congress, I'm still waiting..

But this is Bush, not Clinton 26.Mar.2003 12:58

dead iraqi societry

I think Bush is going to fuck the world up so bad, congress just might need a way to save the planet. Vote, Vote, Vote. Gulf two is kinda like the battle of the bulge, and Bush is a retarded Hitler.

Impeach Bush for War Crimes 26.Mar.2003 19:38

max von smartt

yes the whole bush junta has to be removed from office, which they stole in the first place. Clinton's hanky panky in the oval office was nothing. stop the fourth reich!!

Forget impeaching. Vote the bastards out! 27.Mar.2003 01:21


Please don't waste energies and time on an impeach-Bush project. A gutless Congressional majority voted to give him a blank check in blood money for his war to hand over Iraq's oil wells to ARAMCO and its subsidiaries and those fat sheikhs. (Thought it was about weapons and Saddam, did you?) Congress is not about to vote to impeach Bush.
The goal is to boot these neo-Nazis from the White House they stole and squelchthe real shot-callers, that little Texas cabal who also ruled Nixon, Reagan and their dancing dummy through Cheney. To do that, we've got only 19 months to follow the practical and realistic suggestions of Thom Hartmann's post on 3/26: Do something absolutely square and join the Democratic party, shake up its conservatives, give it new direction, and start the 2004 presidential campaign right now. For starters, let's get a fired-up, courageous candidate instead of the lily-livered who backed Bush's war and then sent us, as did Kerry, two long emails on his rationale for being intimidated (weapons of mass destruction/a tyrannical satrap). Hartmann did just that and startled the precinct registration chair a tad. But he was told he was among others calling the party, begging for anything to do to boot out these bastards who are fast overthrowing the Constitution, setting up a Gestapo, and out=Goebbeled Goebbels in the slick sales pitch flim-flamming the ignorant into backing this war..
Bush's speechwriters trivialize us as focus groups perhaps, but you can be sure the head counters among his 2004 campaign staff are not writing us off. We're a menace.
The majority who came out for the huge October and January demonstrations were clearly furious and clearly the types who vote. If newspaper publishers' use the ratio of one letter to the editor equals 100 too busy or too gutless to write, each war protester equals 500 folks afraid to get off their duffs and show dissent. When you think how long it took the public to demonstrate against the Vietnam war, that millions of over-30 folk took to the streets even BEFORE a war has got to be an historic first in this country. Or any country.
What these whip-smart Bush operatives hope for is that the 18-25-year old vote will do another "opt-out" and either show disdain for the two-party system by voting for a 3d-party candidate or not voting at all. That's how we got Bush and this war and Royal Marines set to open the Iranian border so we can seize THEIR oil reserves and settle old scores with those who made us lose face in Khoumani's era). Only it will be that demographic who'll be the cannon fodder for expanding Bush/Cheney's evil empire. Don't let that happen!!
The Dem's website (www.democrats.org) already is asking for e-captains and certainly would cheer if we came down to ring doorbells, answered phones, passed the tambourine for contributions. Maybe even resurrect the old Freedom buses to go to the states with the greatest electoral votes (ah, Florida) and mount a registration campaign for the 18-25 voters. Voting is the only way to give us back the Constitution and our beautiful country—and stop this war!!. The Dems have just taken delivery on 2004 bumper stickers saying "Kick "Em Out." If you want to scare hell out of Bush's monitors at rallies, paste them on signs and
T-shirts. But remember we've only got 19 months to eradicate Bush, Inc.. Let's not waste a day in hitting them where they live. Let's get out the vote now for 2004!!