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Die-in on Saturday

Saturday - 3/29
12:00 - 1:00pm in Pioneer Square
Anyone interested in doing another "Die-in" this weekend? I'm proposing an hour before the rally in the square, so we can just join that at the end.

I'm going to make a load of toe-tags (although you can wear them anywhere) based on the information here:
And some for American, British, and Iraqi troops as well.

Hopefully, a toe-tag with real information about the real people dying will help bring the reality home for people who still don't get it.
Great idea 26.Mar.2003 17:18

mr. peev

yes, the last die-in was remarkably poignant and emotional. a die-in in pioneer square would be the most visible to a large number of people. we should try to match the numbers of iraqi civilians deaths at each die-in, increasing our numbers to correspond with the total reported numbers of iraqi civilian deaths (approximately, of course)....