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Portland Police Officer Marty Rowley defends activist from corp. media thug

i believe we should point it out when the portland police actually do something right. it doesn't happen too often, but here's one example.
The sadistic excesses of Portland Police Officer Marty Rowley (Badge #8969) have been well-documented in this forum. The man likes to pepperspray people, and was spotted doing so during the Aug. 22, 2002, Bush Protest, and the anti-war actions on February 15, 2003 and March 15, 2003. On March 15, when protesters attempted to take an I-5 on-ramp from the Morrison Bridge, he was witnessed asking Lieutenant Commander Rosie Sizemore if he could "settle this right now" as he shook a can of pepperspray in his hand. Ms. Nice Cop (don't believe it) let him.

Yesterday, however, during the March 25 protests downtown, Officer Rowley actually did his job. An activist who was trying to protect the truth from being raped was nonviolently holding his hand in front of a corporate media lens. This activist was not touching the reporter or the camera and was fully within his legal rights when taking this action. As many people have noticed, some of the local corporate media outlets have contracted security to follow them around during protests and prevent people from asserting their rights. These hired thugs have assaulted protesters on a number of occasions, or pushed violently through crowds in the interest of getting "a good shot". Yesterday, one of these guards did the same, and was repeatedly grabbing the camera-blocking activist's arm and moving it. That, however, is not legal -- that's assault. After several repititions, Rowley stepped into the crowd, approached the thug, pointed his finger at him, and told him he had to stop. Scared the shit out of the thug, who went from tough guy to rubber chicken in about a quarter of a second. Rowley, for his part, returned to the street and went right back into targetting-activists mode, but it was nice to see him do this one thing right.

So, Officer Rowley, this is a thank you message to you, for doing the right thing that one time. I believe other people in the community would like to see this one act of doing the right thing become a trend and then a defining characteristic of yours. It would be a lot more enjoyable to report about how cool you are rather than how brutal.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled "f'n cops" programming...

Marty! Way to go! 26.Mar.2003 11:20


Hey, I wasn't there, but this is a really awesome development. Marty Rowly, actually applying the law toward helping people, rather than just getting off on using exessive force? Wow. Progress really IS possible.

Do you think Marty knew it was corporate media he was shutting down? Could he have thought indy activists have cameras that expensive? Nawww. I just wanna revel in this for a minute. Let's not let doubts intrude.

let them know 26.Mar.2003 16:10


Here's Captain Sizer's contact info:
E-mail:  rsizer@police.ci.portland.or.us
Telephone: 503-823-0099

I don't know Rowley's but I bet its:

first time viewer 28.Mar.2003 20:56

sure web

This is my first time visiting your webpage. At first I was delighted with all the ''underground news'' that normally wouldn't show up on the corporate media shows, but i was very shortley proven wrong. Just like ''corporate media'' your journalist only show one side of the story. Your hard driven anti-cop message is so extreame its hard to take you seriously. Your page is just like everyone elses. Edited and Pasted to drive a point across and not showing the news in a fair manner. pshh.