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New Tactics - Jam the War

marching has been effectiv, but we may be entering the realm of diminishing returns - here is creative food for thought for alternative actions which may be more effective at this point
Adbusters site has many great ideas for actions and links to others.

It is important to keep our messages and energies focused and effective

alienation is not the answer or the endgame


also some info on what those enlightened brits have been up to


lastly, its about time we started writing tickets for those pesky SUV's (the cops are too busy guarding bridges and pepper spraying kids)

New Tactics 26.Mar.2003 11:35


Stick your head in a fucking tiolet and flush

AHEM... 26.Mar.2003 12:22

the voice of reason

hill - not sure that that the aforementioned swirly qualifies as a constructive action, but whatever you are into.

Any of the sources cited above bear checking out. Time to think outside the box, or maybe in your case, just think!

Whoa there fella 26.Mar.2003 14:32


Lighten up Hillary -

By your knee jerk reaction, and lack of any constructive criticism, you seem to closely resemble the powers we are trying to defeat.

(You didn't happen to do time as an intern with Sec'y Rumsfield did you?)

All the writer seemed to be saying was that a multi-pronged attack with new tactics seems warranted. I checked out the links and they have some creative approaches.

While blocking traffic, and using your face to absorb pepper spray is invigorating, it isn't gonna end the war anytime soon.

Free your mind ... and the rest will follow