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What happened to whatreallyhappened.com?
I cannot access their website. I am hoping it is just my glitchy network, however, they may be being censored like yellowtimes was.
Down as a result of hacker attack~~~nm 26.Mar.2003 11:09

Kind'a back up now....

no message

okay at 11:09 a.m. 26.Mar.2003 11:10

another wrh reader

it's up for me right now.

btw, for those who haven't been there yet,  http://www.whatreallyhappened.com is an excellent source of news online about the war, the anti-war movement, and the truth about 9-11. it is not a leftist site; it is one of the few decidedly and respectably non-partisan sites i've seen actually. best site on the web after indymedia. check it out.

still down here 26.Oct.2003 10:01


WRH has been down since early last night here on the east coast........
they have been hitting harder than usual on israel and their role in the USS Liberty incident.
also remember reading a "readers letter" from a lawyer in MA threatening to sue because the site is "anti-semitic".
could have something to do with it being down?

Whatreallyhappened MIA 27.Oct.2003 11:13


the site's down and we may never know what happened...