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Rowley in the Tribune

Officer Marty Rowley
There is a big clear pic of Officer Marty Rowley (he pepper sprays 12 year olds) on page 2 of Tuesday's Tribune. Damn he is such an evil looking bastard! There are two articles about the protests, one of which is just a puff piece for the Portland Business Alliance.
protecting your right to retail therapy 26.Mar.2003 10:57


what is perfectly clear in the above mentioned stories is that the police are getting more violent against people to protect the businesses. Everyone in politics is doing this. The military is used to expand business interests abroad and the police are protecting them here at home. This isn't news to many of you, but police only protect and serve business, not the people. Read that again Rowley.

Rowley 26.Mar.2003 11:21


I was told that Rowley was responsible for the May Day fiasco a few years ago. I was also arrested by him with unnecessary force last Thursday evening. When I asked for my bag he threw me to ground and sat on my head. He also smoked a cigar while he was booking me.

Setting the record straight 26.Mar.2003 11:35


Actually, It was Officer "pepper-spray" Meyers, 6 foot 5", glossy blow-dryed hair, who pepper-sprayed the twelve year olds. He's also interesting to chat with while your being arrested. Officer Rowley, on the other hand, is not calculating enough to single out kids. He prefers a blanket message of pepper-spray. Just thought i'd get the records straightened up.

Who sprayed the little girl? 26.Mar.2003 11:35


I saw the little girl who was pepper sprayed on the Morrison bridge. Does anyone know who it was that hit her? I don't normally like to defend Marty Rowly, and I'm sure he has, in fact, pepper sprayed at least one 12 year old at some point, but he wasn't the one who sprayed this girl this time.

She didn't know who got her, only that it hurt. I have heard that officer meyers was the one who did it, and this makes sense because he was walking behind her, next to Rosie, when I saw her. Do we know this for sure, though?

Marty was present on the bridge, but he was busy spraying people up near the beginning of the ramp, not out on the ramp where this girl was hit. That bald guy who keeps appearing on this site was also up there near Marty, and he admitted that he was sparying people. But I think it may have been Meyers or someone else who got the 12 year old.

it was meyers on the morrison 26.Mar.2003 16:10

dj tubesteak

I was on the morrison and saw the girl immediately after she was sprayed. Rowley wasn't on that part of the bridge (I didn't see him, anyway) and the girl identified Officer Meyers (badge number ???, but there was a picture of him posted on indy at one point after the incident).