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Ares, God of War, is a cruel master

We are, all of us, in big, big trouble!
It sounds like people in the administration are starting to get a little
flustered about the progress of the war. Rummy, the Lich, was positively
flummoxed yesterday. Ari Fleischer, master of lies, contradicted himself
two or three times in his stumbling responses to an (abnormally) aggressive press corps. Junior himself, curse his name, stayed clear of the
microphone. (You can almost hear Dick "Zombie" Cheney growling, "Keep the
Chimp off the screen....God! we don't need him making things worse by
shooting his mouth off.")

I think the tenacity of the Iraqi resistance has caught these guys
flat-footed. Yesterday, two M1 Abrams tanks were destroyed. In Gulf War
I, we did not lose a single tank. Also, we've lost a Black Hawk. The Brits
are caught up in a nasty fight in Basra. American supply lines are long
and vulnerable.

Just for a minute, imagine what would happen if this war were to drag
on....American credibility would be destroyed. North Korea would cast its
cares to the breeze, and blithely restart begin the manufacture of a
full-fledged nuclear arsenal. Iran would pull out the stops to develop
their own. And, horror of horrors, these countries might start actually
building alliances against the US.

Or, imagine what will happen if the Bush administration decides it can't
afford to let the war go on, and opts to start levelling Baghdad, Tikrit
and other Iraqi cities, with the commensurate civilian catastrophes. The US
would be isolated and reviled, worldwide.

Junior's chances for success all hinged on a quick, relatively bloodless
victory. If that ain't pie-in-the-sky, I don't know what is.

We're in trouble. Big, big trouble.

At least those of us against the war can say we tried to warn the bleating
American public. We can use that to console ourselves when:

a) Terrorists set off a nuclear device in a major American city,
b) Reichsfuhrer Ashcroft sends his goons through our front doors to haul us
off to the political indoctrination camps.



One world, one people.

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