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[Belgium]: Caterpillar workers on strike against the war. [picture report]

Monday, March 24th: workers and employees, united in a front between the different trade-unions have stop working, at the start of every shift [ morning, afternoon and night ]. They have organised an assembly of the workers outside the factory, next to a main road getting in the town of Charleroi [ South-West of Belgium ]. Thousands of leaflets have been given to the car drivers. The purpose of this all was to protest against the war done by Bush's administration for the controle of the oil of Irak.

They also protest especially against the effects taht could affect the workers of the Caterpillar factory based in Gosselies [ Charleroi, Belgium ]. This factory is selling civil machines, including to the Middle-East
Another issue, on a more general level, is the fact that it?s totally unacceptable to waste such huge amount of money while at the same time we are told that there?s no money for social issues, culture, education, pensions, sustainable devellopement. This is pure madness and indecency.
Several speakers have insisted on what the Iraqi population have to take now.

[ roughly translated by red kitten | redkitten@indymedia.be ]

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