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Not one penny for the war budget! and other articles at Frontlines

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By Carlos Petroni

The White House unveiled a Plan for $74.7 Billion that US Workers will Pay for the Imperial Adventure.
Colin Powell Made Clear that Pillage of Iraq Oil and Gas Will be used to pay for the War as well.
The Time of Truth for Democrats

George W. Bush and Tony Blair, Side-blinded by Racism and Imperial Arrogance
By Gina Alvarez

850 US/British Veterans to Soldiers in Iraq:
"War is murder by another name." "If you decide to resist, we will support you."

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In and Out the Battlefield: The US Government War of Deception and Lies

Americans and British forces Repulsed near al-Najaf, Basra, al-Nasiriya and other Locations.
Higher US Casualties than Reported
The US Media Cover UP of Military Reversals

The initial US Strategy in ruins, White House scrambling for a New One ==== Mighty Antiwar Demonstrations and Rallies in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Other Cities

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Bush and Ashcroft Obliterating Civil Rights

The War on Iraqis and other Immigrants Living in the US

WASHINGTON (AP, AFP, SF Chronicle and Frontlines Staff) - The US government has recently stepped up its massive campaign of violations of civil rights adopted since 9/11

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And many other articles, news and analysis of interest for antiwar and left wing activists.

Also: No War for Empire (Special report); Latin America, Its Turn to the Left and many other articles, updates and reports on US and world politics.

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