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thank you

thank you!
to the wonderful folks at indymedia, who bust their asses chasing us around to tell the truth, to the people who show up for rallies in spite of police violence and repression, to the corporate media who is leaking the tiniest bit of truth (especially ch12...funny how having one of their own arrested changes the entire tone of their protest coverage....).....the legal team.......and of course to the cops, who shut down bridges without us even having to do anything. GOOD WORK EVERYONE!
Thank You! 26.Mar.2003 10:25

Mike Smith

And thank you as well for being considerated of everyone. Thank you for keeping the protests peaceful. Thank you for trying to make a difference in the lives of many people in Iraq who never wanted a war at their front door. Thank you for believing in yourself, and standing up for what you believe in. And I would like to thank everyone who is going to show up on Saturday M29 1:00pm for a Peaceful Protest at Pioneer Square. Thank you Indymedia for giving us a place to hear voices that are not supported by mainstream media.

and thank you 26.Mar.2003 10:39


and bless you

seconded 26.Mar.2003 11:35


I, too, would like to put out my THANK YOU to everyone listed above.