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This intelligence report confirms what many antiwar activists have been suggesting: Iran is next after Iraq in America's fascist War Crusade. Unfortunately, some people in the movement are wasting its time on bullshit debates concerning PROTEST TACTICS rather than EXPOSING THE LIES AND AGENDA behind the the current Warmongers Campaign. Forget about your petty "activist" egos. Forget about getting into pissing matches about whether Civil Disobedience or Non-Violence is better as a tactic. Focus instead on EDUCATING AND INFORMING THE PUBLIC as to the Real Agenda motivating and driving America's War Rampage.

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War Briefing - 25th March 2003


The United States targets Iraq first - then Iran

Even while Iraqi resistance continues to stiffen as the US and British forces push their way through the outer defences to the east near Al Kut, the main central advance around Karbala and a significant advance towards Habbaniya from Jordan, the true strategic target of the Allies is becoming clearer; the Islamic Republic of Iran. The likely future military dispositions inside an occupied Iraq will undoubtedly threaten Syria, but will primarily be designed to provide a significantly launch pad for the future War on Iran. They will also importantly complete the ring of steel now being created around the Tehran regime. The military facilities and major airbases being built in the former Soviet Central Asian Republics and in Afghanistan to the north of Iran; and those already in place in Oman, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait to the south will be significantly strengthened by the presence of additional major airfields and of large ground forces to the west in Iraq with its long border made up largely of good terrain for highly mobile mechanized warfare.

The authors of A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm include some of those most associated with the new 'Crusaders' in the US administration, notably the right wing hawks Richard Perle and Douglas Feith, clearly identify the real American target. In their view Iran is 'American territory' and ever since the British and Americans organized the coup that overthrew the legitimate Government in 1953 and restored a medieval style potentate in the form of the Shah to oversee the affairs of an oil rich Iran this view has largely held sway inside Washington. Iraq is a necessary first step to restoring Western control over the entire Gulf region with its vital natural resources and important international waterways. It will also, as with Iraq, be a distinct and bloody form of pay back. In this case for the humiliation of the US Embassy hostages; the failed desert rescue mission; Iran's continuing attempts to control the Straits of Hormuz used by the worlds biggest supertankers; the probable Iranian responsibility for the destruction of PanAm Flight-103 over Lockerbie in 1988 and even the suggestion that Hezbollah were involved in the terrorist outrages of 9-11.

Oil and the economy - the catalysts for future war

The main geo-strategic reasons behind the War of 2003 against Iraq and the rumoured Pentagons plans for a War against Iran in 2004 are the same as the 1950's; oil and economic concerns. The United States economy controls half the worlds wealth, consumes roughly 30% of the world's energy production when measured in British Thermal Units and yet has only 5% of the total population. As long ago as 1948 George Kennan argued that America's duty was "to devise a series of relationships which permit us to maintain this position of disparity. To do so we have to dispense with sentimentality...we should cease thinking about human rights, the raising of living standards and democratization". France, Britain and more recently the United States have followed that advice for the best part of 50 years and with their Turkish and Israel allies have attempted to dragoon the Arab states into line with a mixture of aid, diplomacy and threat. The advances in military technology and the collapse of the Soviet Union have now given the United States a huge window of opportunity which the new and more adventurist leadership in The Whitehouse is determined to exploit. The policies now been followed were first quietly put forward during the Reagan administration and have been honed and perfected through the 1991 Gulf War and Afghanistan.

Warfighting as an adjunct to foreign policy and as an acceptable alternative to diplomacy and international agreement has been firmly established. New and original tactics have been developed by the Pentagon based on a worldwide reach, speed, near total battlefield dominance, advanced technology, the growth of Special Forces and the use of strategic surprise. Traditional military thinking has been replaced by a willingness to do the unexpected, keeping the enemy constantly on the defensive and the use of 'Shock and Awe'. While Iraq is to be the testing ground for the new warfare, Iran will see it come of age. British troops in southern Iraq are already being deployed to seal the border with Iran and the US has penetrated Iranian airspace with impunity on a number occasions since March 21st. 'Stray' cruise missiles and smart bombs are reported to have damaged oil facilities near Khorramshahr, Abadan and Manyuhi, while heavily armed British and US attack aircraft are believed to have circled over the Arvand-Kenar area in Iran on their way into Iraq.

Operation Iranian Freedom - has it already started?

It is reported by sources within Israel and the US intelligence community that a enormous covert operation will be launched by the middle of 2003 to destabilize the Tehran regime. Washington and London are expected to develop a global disinformation campaign aimed at swinging national and international opinion against Iran in anticipation of a full scale invasion by mid to late 2004. It has been claimed that the CIA in particular is already deeply involved in Iran and that Delta Force, the SAS and Australian SAS have been conducting deep penetration operations from Afghanistan. While the USN SEAL's and the Royal Marines SBS have carried out numerous sea borne intelligence operations along Iran's coastline and islands in the Gulf from bases in Bahrain and Oman and indeed from US surface vessels and submarines. According to Gulf intelligence sources USN Special Forces using stealth helicopters and fast raiding craft have apparently carried out considerable surveillance of Bandar-e-Abbas and other important Iranian naval facilities and coast defences. There can be little doubt now that the current operations against Iraq should be seen in the context of establishing the strategic positioning for the next major conflict in the Middle East. Pentagon planners are reported to have apparently based their strategy on the assumption that North Korea can be kept on ice until Iraq and then Iran have been fully dealt with. Whether the regimes in Tehran and Pyongyang will prove quite so willing to go along with Washington's timetable is of course another matter, as is whether anyone and that includes Tony Blair, will be able to reign in America's new military interventionist policies in the future.

Richard M. Bennett

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These following articles by two writers--one of whom is a former NSA agent-- intimately familar with American national security issuesconfirm the nature of America's insane war plans:

"US Bombs Iran"

"How To Live with a Rogue Superpower"

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yeah 26.Mar.2003 00:20


This surprises you!?!

Iran to be US next target: CIA Report 26.Mar.2003 00:31


The next target of US after capturing Iraq will be replacement of religious government in Iran with a secular government as the US forces in Afghanistan have already started implementation on action plan in this regard.

Iran to be US next target: CIA Report

Monday March 24, 2003 (0214 PST)

LAHORE, March 24 (Online): The next target of US after capturing Iraq will be replacement of religious government in Iran with a secular government as the US forces in Afghanistan have already started implementation on action plan in this regard.

According to reliable sources, US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had submitted a detailed 300 pages long report to President George Bush in which it was pointed out that during possible US attack on Iran religiously motivated Jehadi (holy warrior) organizations would support Iran from the border areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Following this report US intelligence agencies have started actions to check any possibility of provision of support to Iran from border areas of the two neighbouring countries by organizations like Tehreek Nifaz Shariat Mohammadi and tribal leaders in Pakistan and Hizb-e-Islami of Eng. Gulbadeen Hikmatyar along with supporters of former Taliban regime in Afghanistan.

Sources further revealed that operation being conducted by U.S. forces in Afghanistan on March 20 was not against Al-Qaeda rather it was against Hizb-e-Islami and possible supporters of Iran.

US intelligence agencies have also informed the US State Department about the names of organizations in Pakistan and Afghanistan which could support Iran during any possible US attack and this list include names of about six organizations.

Sources also revealed that list of countries where replacement of government has been declared essential included Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Cuba and North Korea and from this list Taliban regime has been replaced in Afghanistan while war against Iraq is going on.

Moreover, those 22 countries which are being declared threat to U.S. security could face similar US action like in Iraq if they failed to ensure disarming of their armed organizations and finishing their nuclear arsenal.

actually... 26.Mar.2003 00:55


Actually its France. Turns out they have weapons of mass destruction. We'll have to nuke em. We should take out Germany too, just to secure the region. Can't trust "old Europe". Next is operation "hippie freedom" where we liberate the west coast of the US from terrorist protester cells by bombing all their bookstores and Universities. We're not safe until everyone's I.Q. is safely within range of George W's single digit score.

Amerika thuh byootifull...

Marines line up on Iranian border 26.Mar.2003 01:57

Anton La Guardia

Marines line up on Iranian border
By Anton La Guardia, Diplomatic Editor
(Filed: 26/03/2003)

Royal Marines were deployed to Iraq's border with Iran yesterday in a move that will unnerve Teheran's regime, which fears encirclement by American-led forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Ministry of Defence said the Royal Marines were merely "securing their area of operations" after seizing at the Faw peninsula.

But with Iranian troops manning positions on the other side of the Shatt al-Arab waterway, British forces face a highly sensitive task.

Tensions were illustrated by a succession of border incidents. A rocket struck an Iranian oil refinery depot in Abadan, just across from Basra, on Friday injuring two people while there were reports on Monday that Iranian forces had fired on British troops on the Faw peninsula.

Iran, part of America's "axis of evil", is formally neutral but fears it could be the next target for attack.

It is torn between publicly denouncing the "imperialist" war on a fellow Muslim country and co-operating tacitly with America and Britain in removing the old enemy, Saddam Hussein.

America has waged war against two of Iran's most hated foes, the former Taliban regime in Afghanistan and the Ba'athists in Baghdad. But the "Great Satan", as America is known, now has forces on two of Iran's borders.

Neighbouring Arab countries have long feared a war in Iraq could suck in forces from Turkey and Iran.

Western diplomats said Turkish intervention to forestall any Kurdish attempt to seize greater autonomy could encourage Iran to cross the border to support fellow Shi'ites and clear out bases of the main Iranian opposition group, the Mujahideen-e-Khalq.

The leading Iraqi Shi'ite opposition group, the Supreme Council of the Islamic Revolution, has thousands of fighters in Iran. Some have slipped into Iraqi Kurdistan and many more may cross the border to claim a stake in the future Iraqi government.