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Instructors, speakers, discussion leaders for posix2003

POSIX 2003 is a community service, social action, and educational event where computers and related technologies are made available.
* It is a commitment totechnology access
* It is a means for participants to increase their self-sufficiency
* It can offer a place where participants gather together and link with the entire community

POSIX 2003, the conference for Community Social & Technology Networking, will be taking place on June 28th & 29th this year. Can you speak about technology and community? Do you have some techie skill or knowledge that you'd like to share with the community? Would you like to lead a discussion group or workshop about using a particular technology or method for enhanced community access or connection?

Here is your opportunity to contribute, network, and participate while reaping great rewards and adding vitality to Portland's local community. POSIX directly helps community groups, non-profit groups, local small businesses, action groups, and others in our community. It's FREE to all. It's where local community groups can get help from the local technically saavy. Emphasis is on Open Source technologies, local resources and experts, and building vital and thriving community in a high-tech world.

Sessions are up to 90 minutes long; hands-on workshops can be up to four hours in length. We will provide high-speed Internet access. What can you speak about? What session can you lead? What workshop can you offer? How can you participate? Want to team up with another presentor for a session or be on a panel? Visit POSIX2003.org or email us at  organize@posix2003.org and tell us what you would like to do! Session scheduling closes on April 14th, so do it today!

Gain the visibility in your community, meet great new people, and show off your competency at this outstanding local conference! Go to POSIX2003.org today!

homepage: homepage: http://posix2003.org