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POSIX 2003 volunteer outreach

Posix 2003 -- Portland Oregon Social Information eXchange, a community based technology event to be held at PSU, June 27th-29th,

http://posix2003.org POSIX 2003 http://posix2003.org
Portland Oregon Social Information eXchange

POSIX 2003 is a community service, social action, and educational event where computers and related technologies are made available to people and organizations within our community who would like to learn to use these technologies. The base of the event it to enable participants to be networked throughout their communities.

  • It is a commitment totechnology access
  • It is a means for participants to increase their self-sufficiency
  • It can offer a place where participants gather together and link with the entire community

How is POSIX created?

By the community.
Participants can and should take part and charge in the planning process and have a real role in directing the content of the event.

  • By giving or attending a course or workshop
  • Sharing ways that you or your organization are effectively putting technology to work
  • Inputing what you would find useful to learn or see happen
  • Donating materials and time/holding afund raising event
  • Help with outreach and securing a location
  • Sharing contacts and services

When and Where can I get plugged in?

For up to date information and planning go to http://posix2003.org.
On the website we host a open planning system (twiki), where you can find out what's going on and

  • Post your own messages/ideas
  • Sign-up to volunteer
  • Post a course you will give
  • Hook-up with other's initiatives
  • Offer materials needed
  • Post new organizing ideas or events

POSIX 2003 will be held for 3 days in at Portland State University, June 27th - 29th .

We are currently holding open monthly or bi-monthly meetings to share ideas, see faces, and help everyone get involved. Meeting times and places are posted in the Meeting Minutes section of the website.

There is also a mailing list. You can sign-up on the website or send a mail to organize@posix2003.org

homepage: homepage: http://posix2003.org