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our symbolic act

What are we willing to risk?
I'm stunned by those of you out there who are ridiculing the protestors. At today's rally I watched this man drive by in a SUV flipping us off and telling us to go home.

It's people like that that just don't get it.

We are willing to risk being arrested, beat up, and peppersprayed in an effort to show the world and the people being mangled and murdered in Iraq that we are not supporting the Bush regime. It is the least we can do.

Millions of people in the world don't have this freedom of expression. They are stunned that we can protest, that we have speech. Unfortunately, from our perspective that freedom is slowly diminishing.

So we find ourselves not only protesting "Operation Iraqi Freedom," but also finding that we have to put ourselves in a police state to do so. The freedom of speech is the great American lure. People have come here for decades to experience that freedom. We must sustain that freedom, sustain our vigilance, and continue protesting until the politicians are forced to listen. If that means that we must risk arrest and pepperspray so be it. We are courageous not foolish.
Ideas 26.Mar.2003 11:18

Mia miaforpeace@mailcan.com

To reiterate other comments I've made, I would like to see more creative thinkers taking the message to the neighborhoods, the churches, the schools. Protesting downtown reaches a small percentage of the Portland population.

Anyone interested in helping me with art projects can contact me via email.