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12:40 p.m. - two more arrests; alleged jaywalkers near pioneer square

this just in from the street
an independent journalist has just called and reported that the portland police have arrested two more people. at the intersection of yamhill and 6th, at pioneer square, they grabbed two people, one male, one female. allegedly they were jaywalking. the person who called this in reported that they were twisting the young woman's arms painfully. sadistic bastards. both are being loaded into a paddy wagon to be taken away.

hopefully, this reporter will be uploading photos later today.

btw, i was downtown for a couple-three hours today and saw 4-5 arrests myself. often, moments later, someone else would cross the street in exactly the same place, also against the light, and walk right past the police without them stopping them. there's a lot of selective enforcement going on in downtown right now. if you look like you might be a protester, be advised to stay on the curb and cross only at the lights. (although this doesn't always work either.)
selective enforcement, indeed 25.Mar.2003 14:02

no one in particular

Selective enforcement is fucking right.

I arrived late to Saturday's march and didn't realize how tough the cops were being.

So I see everyone stopped at a "don't walk" sign, and I'm thinking "fuck this! the cops are already blocking the street. I'm crossing!"

So, they scream "STOP!" at us repeatedly, which I ignore, so they pull my girlfriend and I to the side and start to get tough with us and I feign ignorance and tell them I'm just downtown hanging out and didn't realize what was going on... and they let us go!

And then I rejoined the protest and continued the slow, lawful march through town.

Portland Geography 25.Mar.2003 14:35

Max Crossings

6th and Yamhill is a MAX crossing. They were blocking the MAX. That's illegal... figure it out.

People are trying to do their part by taking mass transit and others that have apparently become bored with using their hackey sack 12 hours a day at Pioneer Courthouse Square have found the cause of the day. Now the workers of the world have to pay for their lunch at Multnomah County Jail.

Break the law, get arrested. Figure it out.

let's get it straight, eh? 25.Mar.2003 15:53


break the law, get your nose broken, your arm twisted, your face doused in chemical weapons, then, finally, get arrested. great use of taxpayer dollars indeed.

Hackeysack?!? 25.Mar.2003 17:58


Thanks, but hackeysack is not one if my hobbies, and this is not a "cause for the day" for some of us. I work, take care of a child, take public transportation everywhere I go, and am horrified by the events unfolding in Iraq. Blocking traffic (even public transportation) is a legiimate tool of civil disobedience. You're one of those folks who say things like, "well... it's really sad, but this is the price we pay for our feedom..." (blank stare now implied....). What the hell does bombing the hell out of Iraq have to do with my freedom. let's see... 9/11=Osama bin Laden=Saddam Hussein= freedom?!? You need to retake math 101.

actually... (Re: Portland Geography) 25.Mar.2003 18:08

pro-bikes AND pro-mass transit

I was there when that man and woman got arrested at SW 6th and Yamhill. Although I did not notice if the crosswalk sign was "walk" or "don't walk", I do know that they walked across SW 6th not SW Yamhill.

While you're right that 6th and Yamhill is a MAX crossing, the tracks run along Yamhill so they were actually NOT BLOCKING THE MAX.

It should be noted, however, that while protesters were on the sidewalks, there were about 7 Portland Police motorcycles parked on Yamhill facing west, against traffic, IN THE WAY OF THE MAX. As far as disrupting traffic goes, the police did more in that department this morning than protesters.

And as for the composition of the rally/march, lots of different kinds of people were represented, including hackey sackers. Protesting the war isn't about being bored or having nothing else/better to do. This isn't "the cause of the day". People are outraged and are voicing that. By the way, don't assume that people who play hackey sack aren't also "workers of the world"...

I appreciate your doing your part by using Tri-Met. I personally prefer to bike.
As I was walking along Burnside, I counted 20 out of 23 cars - some small, some large SUVs - with only 1 person riding in them. That's ridiculous -- what is up with America's auto fetish?! We need to get out of our cars and walk/bike/bus/MAX... or at least carpool.

A lot of our tax dollars go into maintaining our streets (who's streets?).
Less cars, less traffic, less road maintenance, more money for social services and schools... Imagine, there could even be universal health care for all Oregonians!

Cops blocked the MAX 25.Mar.2003 18:48


If it's illegal to block the MAX, then the cops who parked their motorcycles along the MAX tracks should have been arrested. Protesters were staying on the sidewalk.
I was standing at the intersection of 6th and Yamhill at 12:45ish, trying to get across so I could get back to work. I was waiting for a walk signal to avoid getting arrested for jaywalking. The walk signal never happened, I presume because the cops had the Max train stuck. I had to turn back around and work my way through the crowd because the cops had us blocked in. Who's blocking traffic? Not the protesters. I also confirm that the arrests happened on 6th Ave. -- not Yamhill. After the arrests the cops dragged the people to a vehicle in the intersection.

That was me 25.Mar.2003 19:24

Annie Tabor

Hey fellow protesters,

Great to see people making the real news available. I was the young woman referred to in the above message (the arm twistee). I was really surprised by the severity of the police response today. I've been active all week, and haven't myself had trouble with the police; today I got arrested for trying to talk to the clean and safers that were blocking 6th ave (@ 6th and Yamhill).

I'd like to hear from anyone that saw this incident. I dare say I was treated with unnecessary force and plan to take whatever legal course is available.

Thanks for all the work folks! Make the time to keep getting out there on the streets.

Annie Tabor

please contact jail support 25.Mar.2003 21:59

legal team

please get in touch with the jail support team. we are working hard to make sure everyone gets out of jail and gets legal support. call us:

I saw but need info 26.Mar.2003 19:20

Jack Straw jack_straw_pdx@hushmail.com

I watched the entire incedent as it occured. The first person arrested was a good friend of mine. He was in fact arrested for jaywalking. They put him in the van, illegally searched his bags and than apparently they took him to the justice center, took his picture, gave him a ticket for jaywalking and let him go. The second individual was arrested for jaywalking also, I do not know what happened with her, but I watched her being brutally assaulted by officer krueger who refused to give his badge number. If you have more information on this man, please email me at  jack_staw_pdx@hushmail.com. I am writing a full report on officer krueger.

Annie 26.Mar.2003 23:22

Jack Straw jack_straw_pdx@hushmail.com

Annie, I witnessed your entire arrest and would love to help you in any way. Good luck, and contact me if you need any help with anything.

Jack Straw