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Document + Report Police Violence

Help us resist police repression.
Please call 503 725 8777 (Students For Unity office @ PSU) if you have video or pictures of ANY ARRESTS at today's march. We are trying to document the violent intimidation tactics of the police.
Advice... 25.Mar.2003 14:59


Having worked croud control before during large functions and parties, I know how stressful it can be. The police, I'm sure, are tired, and becoming increasingly bitter over the last week's worth of protests.

It's safe to assume they WILL arrest/detain more and more folks as the march goes on. So far, they've given a lot of leeway, but seeing people arrested for jaywalking today, and hearing them remind people over and over this morning to "obey traffic laws" just proves that the leeway is nearing an end. The more people push the boundaries, the more agitated it will become.

Be careful out there, try and get the point across as much as possible without breakig the law. If you DO choose to break the law, EXPECT to go to jail or get pepper sprayed. Being prepared for an incident makes it much easier to deal with than being caught off guard.

unacceptable 25.Mar.2003 15:59


be prepared to get arrested, yes. doused in chemical weapons, no. brutalized, no.

blah 25.Mar.2003 16:32


how should people be prepared for going to jail just by standing on the sidwalk? i saw two arrests next to me today where they did nothing but walk on the sidewalk next to me...they were then targeted and forcefully shoved into the street and then arrested. and how many times can we say that JAYWALKING IS NOT AN ARRESTABLE OFFENSE...its fucking petty and extreme, and i will not stop protesting because of these arrogant police tactics.

It's not just "law breakers"... 25.Mar.2003 17:02

Todd toddinpdx@yahoo.com

Stringbean, it's not just people breaking the law who are getting arrested and peppersprayed. We were peacefully marching today and the police repeatedly tried to split our group into pieces by blocking crosswalks, arresting people for getting caught a few inches from the curb when the light changed, pepperspraying groups of people standing legally on the sidewalk who were not resisting at all, merely shouting at the police to let the arrestees go. I was shoved by a riot cop while standing legally on the sidewalk witnessing these events. This was during the afternoon march...at no time did this march try to take to the street or block traffic in any way. The police violence was completely unjustifiable. They also pulled at least one person out of a crosswalk while we were legally crossing...and of course refused to tell anyone why he was being arrested. A Number of officers had removed the name tags from their jackets as well...which I believe is illegal. When they break the law, though, they have their weapons (and the mayor) on their side.

I'm not trying to scare anyone away from the protests. Just be aware that you may get peppersprayed, brutalized, and/or arrested even if you're carefully following all laws and police orders.

By continuing the protests, day after day, for as long as the war lasts, we can let the public, the city goverment, the feds, and the police know that it will not be business as usual while this illegal and immoral war continues. The police are trying to wear us down...we have to wear them down. When I told an officer that we'd be out there for weeks, months, or years, if necessary, he looked pained...and tired.

Come on 25.Mar.2003 21:47

deaf ear

I hear all these comments on this board that people are getting arrested for "nothing". is it possible that they did something earlier and the officer waited for a better or safer opportunity to make the arrest? It may be possible that when the crime was committed, it was not safe to make the arrest, or the Police may not have been ready yet.
And just because someone is arrested, it doesn't mean someone is guilty. It means that person is accused of a crime and will be brought before a judge to answer for the alleged crime.
If that person feels that they were falsely arrested, then they have civil recourse against the city that they can pursue.
Stop your painful complaining, the police are just doing what all us hard working citizens want them to do. A poll on KXL indicated 98% of Portlanders were upset with the Mayor allowing the protests to shut the city down like they did last Thursday. The citizens are so upset that they are talking recall.
The Mayor is obviously listening, and I'm glad. Protesters conduct themselves in a way that obstructs traffics and our right to free passage, then you should be arrested.
And as far as the complaints go that the Police are causing more traffic problems than you are, consider this. The Oregon Vehicle Code specifically allows Police to shut down roads at their discretion. Their acts are not illegal. They are attempting to direct 'traffic' or pedestrian protesters. They are there because you are.

Police doing the blocking today 25.Mar.2003 22:44


I watched in amazement today as traffic was disrupted during the march - not by protesters, but by the police. I'm not sure what they were trying to accomplish - I suppose it was a divide and conquer strategy, but it seemed they were inciting the crowd more than keeping any peace. It was unsettling to watch them carry out a pre-emptive strike.