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Use Reality to Destroy Virtual Reality

The antidote for virtual reality is reality. Destroying virtual reality is essential. Unless the people are liberated from the mind numbing manipulations of experience imposed upon them by the corporatists, the state will continue to pull their strings. Rebel tactics should focus on forcing reality into the lives of the people.

Use Reality to Destroy Virtual Reality

Author: Stephen DeVoy


The antidote for virtual reality is reality. Destroying virtual reality is essential. Unless the people are liberated from the mind numbing manipulations of experience imposed upon them by the corporatists, the state will continue to pull their strings. Rebel tactics should focus on forcing reality into the lives of the people.

Many liberals are advocating boycotts of the corporate media. This is a worthy pursuit for liberals - those who find themselves in a state between the sleep of corporatist virtual reality and actual reality. I do not wish to subtract from their efforts. However, it is clear that the effect of their efforts are doomed. The best they can achieve is to consume media resources dealing with the minor pressure that such boycotts will exert.

The boycott strategy is doomed to fail because it makes the false assumption that corporate sponsors seek immediate profit alone. Corporate America is indistinguishable for the fascist state. As an integral component of the fascist state, their long term future depends upon maintaining the virtual reality. They realize that the vast majority of Americans are still residents of the virtual world created by media. They wish to sell these zombies products. They know that the awakened few do not speak for the zombied masses. Consequently, they will continue to sponsor corporatist media.

The success of boycotts is best found in targeting the extremes of corporatist media. Specifically, those media sources that exhibit explicit bigotry are susceptible to the boycott tactic. Corporatists realize that it is in their best interests to not be characterized as supporters of bigotry. Thus, individuals such as Michael Savage, Bill O'Reilly, and Rush Limbaugh are intelligent targets for a boycott campaign.

As I stated above, let the liberals conduct their boycotts. This does us no harm. Anarchists, Communists, Greens, and other radicals should focus their effort on forcing reality into the lives of the people and avoid wasting their time as instruments of the futile liberal effort to boycott the media. We each have limited resources, limited time, and limited energy. Let's put those limited resources where they will do the most good.

The following suggestions are some ideas I have picked up along the way. Most of them have already been used by others. I list them here as examples of how one might thrust reality into the lives of the people. This list is by no means exhaustive. I suggest that if you have an idea, try it out. If it works, email me and I will add it to the list. Be creative!

Random Methods for Forcing Reality into the Lives of the People

(1) The Town Crier

Before the dawn of the press, an effective means for "broadcasting" the news was the that of the town crier. In English tradition, the town crier would enter a public area of commerce or activity, ring a bell, and shout out an account of the news of the day. Whether they wished to hear it or not, the passing and nearby pedestrians would get a dose of the news. Successful town criers were witty. They would often compose poems describing the days events and include them in their script.

The activities of town criers are clearly protected by the First Amendment of the US Constitution. A town crier crying out the news is a perfect example of free expression. Provided that she or he stands alone, no statutes regarding permits for protests can be required. Provided that she or her performs his or her crying during hours not likely to disturb the peace, ordinances applying to disrupting the peace should not apply.

In order to throw the police off balance, should you decide to become a "town crier," where a small sign that states "town crier."

The same technique can be applied to commuter trains. Commuter trains often do not have train staff in individual cars. This is especially true in the case of subway trains. One cannot argue that "crying" in a subway train car distracts the conductor as she or he is safely contained within a compartment at the front of the train.


(2) Large Poster Displays of State Crimes

As I write this, we are a state of undeclared war. Innocent Iraqis are being murdered by US troops. Americans do not understand war. American cities have not been successfully bombed within the life times of most of us. Americans do not know what war looks like. The media portrays war as a sport and a science. Gone are the images of the victims.


Find a photograph of a war atrocity. Have it printed on a poster sized display. Stand alone on a street corner, in a subway station, or at a bus station holding the sign. Make people look at the atrocities of war. Let them know that they are paying for these atrocities. Let them know that their silence or support for the war makes them complicit in the atrocity.


The same technique can be used to expose police brutality. Many photos of police brutality against antiwar activists are now available online. Create a poster with one such image or a collage of images and use the same technique outlined above. Make people see the police for what they are.


(3) Newspaper Stuffing

Newspaper stuffing is the act of inserting a leaflet into a newspaper before its sale. Newspaper stuffing may be illegal in your area. If you are concerned about breaking the law, you may wish to investigate its legality.

Print images of war atrocities and police brutality. Do not place any contact information, the name of any organization, or any information connecting yourself to the act upon the leaflet.

You can gain access to the newspapers through one of two methods.

(a) Purchase a newspaper from a newspaper vending machine. This will enable you to open the newspaper vending machine box. Take out the newspaper you have purchased. Save the newspaper. With the box still open, using the assistance of another team member, pull out all of the newspapers. Do not close the vending machine door. Insert one leaflet in each newspaper and return them to the vending machine. Close the vending machine door. Do not steal any newspapers. Stealing is a crime in all jurisdictions. After collecting one newspaper (that you paid for) from each of the boxes you have infiltrated, follow the instructions in the second part of (b).

(b) Go to a newspaper store and purchase a large number of copies of the day's newspaper. Do this early in the day when people are still looking for newspapers to buy.

Insert your leaflet into each newspaper. Wander the streets or enter offices offering to sell copies of the newspaper. If you followed scipt (a), use this method to regain the funds you used to open the newspaper boxes.

(4) Hounding the Media

Whenever there is an antiwar protest, there are counter demonstrators. Often there are few counter demonstrators, but the media fawns over them and gives them disproportionate coverage. Make this fawning impossible.

Gather together two or three comrades and follow the fascist journalists. Whenever they interview a pro-war demonstrator, chant in unison a denunciation of the media. Do this loudly so that it will be impossible to edit it out. Do it relentlessly.

Good chants would be statements such as:

"Media whoring in progress. Media whoring in progress..."

"Media whores for genocide. Media whores for genocide..."

"NBC whores for genocide. NBC whores for genocide... (or whatever corporate entity is sending the media whores)"

The chants should be directed at the media, not at the pro-war protesters. The goal is to prevent the media from airing their pro-war distortions. If they choose to air it anyway, the people will get a dose of reality.

Another technique, directed at the pro-war protester being interviewed is to carry a legal application to enlist in the US Military and loudly (and continuously) challenge the pro-war interviewee to sign it. Chances are he or she will not sign it. This will reveal his or her hypocrisy. If he or she does sign it, bring it to the recruiting station and submit it. One less pro-war protester on the streets is a worthy goal.


(5) Exposing Brownshirts

Attend meetings of the Free Republic and other rightwing groups. Bring a tape recorder and record their meeting. Digitize the best sound bites of the meeting and publish them online with IndyMedia. Seek out quotes that reveal that these individuals are actually working on behalf of a foreign power (such as Israel). Seek out quotes suggesting violence against the left or suggesting infiltration of the left.

Many rightwing groups have online forums. Visit these forums and look for damaging quotes. Collect these quotes and publish them on IndyMedia.

Take photos of obnoxious pro-war demonstrators. Publish them online.

(6) Always Carry a Digital Camera and Use It

Whenever you observe a police officer engaging in brutality or some inappropriate behavior, photograph the police officer. Publish the picture on IndyMedia and/or use it with suggestion (2).

(7) Carry an Audio Recording Device and Use It

If the police pull you over for a citation or you are near brownshirts or police officers, turn on your recording device. Extract clips that expose the reality of brownshirts and/or police. Upload these clips to IndyMedia.

(8) Investigate online information about the misdeeds of government officials. There is a wealth of information about drug use, alcohol abuse, connections with Hitler's Germany, and corruption within the Bush family. Print this information up and distribute as fliers.

(9) We have all seen the homeless seeking funds at strategic intersections. Motorists waiting for a light are captive audiences. This is a good opportunity for the distribution of reality images. Print up images of war victims, brutal police, and corrupt political figures with descriptions of the images. Distribute these to waiting motorists.


(10) Shock and Awe Nudity

In some locations toplessness or nudity is legal. For example, in the City of Austin it is legal for women to go topless. At some protests, provided the nudity can be characterized as political speech, nudity may be tolerated. In all cases you risk arrest by police officers that may wish to characterized nudity as a disruption of the peace. Therefore, you should think clearly about the consequences before choosing this tactic.

Nudity attracts attention. Use your body to display anti-state or antiwar messages. Paint these messages on your body. You will definitely get attention. Do not do this unless you have a number of individuals alongside to protect you.

(11) Wheat Pasting

This is a very old and traditional method for bill distribution. Our twist is that it should be used to present images of reality. Rather than announcing meetings, use your posters to show images of reality. Show the victims of war. Show police abuse. Show governmental hypocrisy.

(12) Talk Show Spoofing

If you have ever called into a radio talk show, you know that callers are screened. You are usually asked your name as well as what it is you intend to say. Be prepared to report that you will make a pro-war statement. Once on the air, about mid-sentence, reveal yourself as an antiwar or anti-state caller by stating exactly the kind of thing you never hear on the talk show. Do this frequently and do it to many different talk shows. Learn how to get on the air and then use the opportunity to denounce the corporatist war.

(13) Pro-War Image Flooding

Many media outlets have been soliciting pictures of "America's Heroes." They are looking for images of soldiers. Send large volumes of digital images of antiwar protesters to these outlets. Include a statement that those who resist genocide are America's true heroes.

(14) Rightwing Internet Forum Posting

Be very careful with this one. Follow our advice exactly. Do not stray or you will be hounded by rightwing cyber stalkers.

Find pro-war Internet forums. Learn how to use an anonymizer. Anonymizers help you to browse the Internet anonymously. Using an anonymizer, post images or descriptions of war victims. Each time you post use a different name. Do not respond to other forum participants. It's not worth the time. Do not contact the forum administrator. Most of these forum administrators use forums to collect IP information on leftists and use that information to harm them. Using an anonymizer will protect you from this.

(to be continued)

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