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Here's an action planned for NYC... Spark any fires?
Mass Civil Disobedience Against War!
Thursday, March 27th 2003 7:45am
New York City, New York

An ad-hoc coaltion of anti-war groups is planning a massive non-violent civil disobedience at 8 am on Thursday, March 27.

The group agreed to target the media/government collusion that is promoting this war to further corporate interests. The Rockefeller Center area was chosen as the target since many media and corporations have offices there or nearby.

The plan is for a massive die-in on 5th Avenue at Rock Center, with coordinated actions planned by affinity groups throughout the city. Spread the word as widely as possible - a flyer will follow shortly. A website is being established at www.M27coalition.org tonight.

The action will take place near 5th Ave. and 50th Sts. There will also be space for a legal protest at the action. A pre-action meeting is planned for Weds evening, March 26, location to be announced.

Spread this email to all your lists! More to follow.

Rockafeller Center, 50 Street & 5th Ave. 50th Street & 5th Avenue New York City New York

Mark Milano

Sponsored By:
All anti-war groups in NYC and many individuals represented!  http://www.M27coalition.org