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radical feeder march this friday

there will be a radical feeder march this friday to the pprc rally
meet at the north park blocks at 4:30 for a radical feeder march that will converge with the regularly scheduled pprc march.

be safe...let's keep up our momentum!!!!

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Cost of War 25.Mar.2003 18:07

David McDonald

When you consider what has happened in this state in the last 3 months, it would be silly not to believe who will suffer locally due to the cost of this war.
It's obvious that the first people who experience the second hand effects of the choices the government makes on our behalf are....those who are the most vulnerable. Children, people with disabilities, folks with mental illness, senior citizens, and the lowest income people.
Unfortunately we have seen that these are the groups who stand to lose the most with a war designed to help the wealthy and fat get wealthier and fatter.
Homeland Security is asking our already strapped state to spend money in order to "protect" us from Bush et. al.'s decision to have an illegal war. The money has to come from somewhere. Guess who will lose more funding and services?

Suggestion for future consideration 25.Mar.2003 19:51

good ol Agnes McGuinness

I am in full support of all the marches, etc, but have a suggestion/request from some people I've talked to in the homeless community and advocates to keep in mind that North Park Blocks/Skidmore Fountain area/burnside bridge are people's homes. Just something to consider, whether or not (predominantly white upper middle class appearing) marching crowds should be assembling and going through what is essentially people's living rooms.
I've actually posted this comment a few times and haven't seen it on the newswire, so I apologize if I'm being redundant. I think it's something to consider, especially considering the very dramatic political situation that Portland houseless folks face thsee days...
in solidarity........

Let's Keep Focused 25.Mar.2003 21:12


I appreciate the passion whith which our community has rallied in the streets to protest the Bush administration's war in Iraq. However, while we are marching let's please try and stay focused as to why we are there and what we are trying to accomplish. I feel that too often we as protesters are distracted by the police presence. I am not suggesting that we should abandon our friends and loved ones who are unfairly targeted by the police, but engaging them with personal attacks I do not feel accomplishes anything. If we are going to march peaceful, let's march peacefully-trying our best to ignore the poice presence, albeit difficult! Alienating some our fellow protesters who choose not to engage with the police will only make our movement and platform weaker. Much peace!

Bush Haters 25.Mar.2003 23:43

John bombsaddamm@yahoo.com

it's funny to hear when you peaceniks talk about the Bush administration's war on iraq. are you people forgetting that the congressmen and women that you elected, assuming you voted, gave president Bush the power to have this war to begin with. congress decides when to go to war, not the president. if this was Clinton or that other loser Nader, you guys would have no problem with this. i don't remeber any of you out protesting when clinton ordered a four day pre-emptive strike on iraq. anyway, you people need to stop masking your hatred of bush with the latest peacenik ideas. and as for all this talk about police brutality, you people who are being arrested or pepper sprayed, are criminals. and you should be put in jail for domestic terrorism. not that all of you are terrorists, but a lot of you show a real disrespect for police officers. one comment i read was from an individual who said how it would have been funny if, a women driving by who disagreed with your opinions, ran into a line of riot cops. implying it would have been funny if cops would have been injured. you people have a right to free speech but the right to be heard. you're like whining babies in a store. when you ask your mom for a candy bar and she says no, you throw a huge tantrum in the middle of the store. you don't always get what you want or what you think should happen. if you don't like what is happening, vote for people who hate Bush as much as you do. you people need to stop your whining. we are at war, you people need to come together and support our troops.

Support Our Troops! 26.Mar.2003 00:08

Jack Straw

This is an addition to the comment before this one. I agree, we need to stand together and support our troops. My cousin is in Iraq right now. We need to support my family, and everyone else's family by supporting our troops and bringing their asses home. And to the comment about us all being criminals, I was drenched in pepper spray today for watching a lady with a press pass being arrested. I broke NO laws, i was on teh sidewalk. Fuck those fascist pigs.

"Splinter Groups" 26.Mar.2003 00:50

another old peacenik

There's a firestorm of hate being directed at the marchers by rightwing radio (check out 620 on your dial)...and a bill in the legislature to make disruptive protesting "terrorism" and the perpetrators subject to LIFE IMPRISONMENT. I notice an effort on the part of the media to divide the marchers into "responsible" (i.e., non-violent) types as opposed to "splinter groups", which seems to be code for boisterous types who would tie up traffic, lie down at intersections, block the freeway or (gasp) STEAL private property...i.e., the signs at car dealerships. Well, peaceful demonstrations MIGHT win more hearts and minds, but don't let THEM divide the movement into "good" and "bad" protestors. Of course they love a tame and non-threatening peace movement...

PATHETIC! 26.Mar.2003 21:08


you people are the most pathetic group of unshowered losers i have ever seen. why don't you contribute to america by getting a job and paying taxes so you too can help pay all the overtime our police force is getting.

EVERYONE MASK UP 26.Mar.2003 21:46


officer kruder was recording all your details last time onto on audio cassette. the portland police are taking their tips from the oinkers down in san fran who have detailed files on protestors. dont let yourself or anyone else be a victim of police surveilliance and harassment! wear a black mask and black clothing regardless of what level of action you intend to take. solidarity and unity among all!!

WORKDAY MARCHES 26.Mar.2003 22:12

once again...

Why can't we do radical feeder marches DURING WORK HOURS and not when people are going home: which is going to make us damned unpopular among our fellow workers trying to go pick up their kids from daycare. The Riot Piggies are probably going to block traffic themselves (like they did numerous times on Tuesday), just to get people pissed off at us.

We need to take the BOSSES' time, and NOT our allies family time.

What if...... 27.Mar.2003 09:31

Officer Happy

Everyone just passed out candy to everyone. Especially the riot squad. I bet that fine upstanding Officer would appreciate a Chico Stick or maybe even a fireball. How can you have a war with out a licoriche whip anyway?

No Black Clothing! 27.Mar.2003 19:28

anarchist is not black bloc

This is in response to the person who commented on security issues about police surveillance.
I definitely agree that protestors should be extra careful about police surveillance and should have some sort of mask or bandana covering their face. This would also help protect from pepper spray and tear gas a little bit, especially if the mask is soaked in water or vinegar.

However, this person also suggested wearing all black clothing. THIS IS A BAD IDEA! A few scattered individuals wearing black clothing just attracts extra attention to themselves from the cops, making the cops more likely to be more aggressive towards these people. It is a much better idea to look as little as a protestor as possible. Cops are going to be much less likely to fuck with someone in business attire than someone in crusty black clothing with patches all over them.

Black Bloc is a tactic, NOT A LIFESTYLE OR FASHION TREND. The black bloc can be effective, but only do it if there is a call for it, and if lots of other people are going to wear black as well. The point of wearing black is so that everyone blends in, so if just a few people wear black those people will stick out.

WE'RE costing people money?!? 27.Mar.2003 19:57

la Vierge Rouge

This war is going to cost at LEAST 75 BILLION dollars, and the protesters are costing a FEW THOUSAND! Most of us HAVE jobs, and we don't appreciate that disabled seniors are getting health benefits cut, and schools are losing money so we can get some oil for a few rich companies! We might end up SAVING you money, not COSTING you money, if we are successful.

As for wearing all black, it is a pretty common color, and I don't think it makes much difference one way or the other, but the police ARE going to be watching, paying attention to who is who, and it will start to get out who is planning more than others. Under the new anti terrorist legislation, many of you may be considered terrorists. Crazy, I know Bush is the real terrorist.

Bring it On! 27.Mar.2003 21:42

Blue Wave

"Who's streets, our streets!"....I have heard this ranted and chanted by a lot of very young, and quite naieve hoodlums.
I think it been proved after the first day of you showing your backside that the cops rule the street.
At SW 3 and Washington on Tuesday, right after I laid the "Party Can" of pepper to the sniveling crowds, I turned to see RRT move in, black suited and ready to roll.
You made a lot of noise, chanted and screamed in frustration (a common theme among the radical left) and gyrated in ways I didnt think possible.
I did notice that only one or 2 or you made the mistake of stepping into "your streets.."
The rest of you didnt have the nerve because you knew what was going to happen.
Time for a new theme chant. You have been proved wrong on that one.

How is it? 27.Mar.2003 21:46

You Stupid Sheep...

How is it that using pepper spray on someone who is resisting a lawful order by a police officer is "Brutality", but throwing acid at a police officer in the furtherance of achieving your political goal is not "Terrorism"? How is using violence (like knocking over police motorcycles)to further your stupid little agenda to be considered anything other than terrorism? You reap what you sow you morons. You bitch because the police treat you like shit, even when you are not throwing rocks/bricks/acid at them... because they have to assume that you are a rock/brick/acid throwing jackass because that is what they have come to expect from you.

Further, if this is a war for oil, why would we spend billions of dollars to send 300,000 troops to Iraq, when we can send a fax and a money order to Saudi Arabia / Kuwait / UAE like we've been doing for the last 40 years? Oh, cause Bush wants to rule the world eh? And President Bush is naive enough to forget that the rest of the world might take issue with that? You morons are dumber than I thought.

You go ahead and wear masks. You are cowards for doing so. You don't have the sack to show everyone where your convictions are. I will be out there wearing my field jacket with the Marine Corps Emblem on the shoulder. I DARE one of you to start some shit with me face to face, you thought the cops were brutal.

Pathetic, Jay 27.Mar.2003 22:28

Den Mark

I wrote up a special article here, just for you, Jay, about a week ago, addressing EXACTLY what you posted here. That "get a job" bullshit is too pathetic. What the hell makes you think that protesters have no jobs, huh? Why don't YOU "get a job", instead of just plugging dumb posts onto this site. See? It works both ways, Jay.

Brainless Peaceniks 28.Mar.2003 00:00

John S. bombsaddamm@yahoo.com

i just read a post from one of you peaceniks, and this person wrote how this war is going to cost 75 million dollars and we're going to be asked for more money, while seniors are getting benefit cuts and schools are losing money. so you think that marching downtown, illegally most of the time, is going to solve anything. you people may think you're doing something good for this country and state, but all you're doing is making the city and state spend more money to corral you "peace marchers", which will in turn take more money from schools and the seniors, and raise taxes. but none of you peaceniks care because almost all of you are jobless and you don't pay taxes anyway. we are at war. you're marching will not stop that fact. cause regardless of what you think or do, the majority of this country, 70 percent, support this war. and don't go giving me quotes of other countries and how they're outraged, cause we live in the U.S.A. and frankly if they won't support us than we don't them. and besides, there are 50 countries who do support us. one other thing, i've taken part in almost every pro-troop rally that has taken place since this war has started and never once has one of our people been arrested and never have we been unruly or hit the cops with bats or thrown acid at them. the cops are there to protect you and me, and if you're doing something that interferes with my rights they have the right to use force to make you stop. and i wish these cops would use more force. i hope they find the punk who hit that cop with the bat and i hope he goes to prison for the next 20 years. as for the rest of you peaceniks.....happy marching, hope to see you on the street.

bleet like you do. 28.Mar.2003 01:29

Dirk Funk.:A bringer of pain to your face

I posted this on another thread but obviously some people here need a good look.

hmmm, so. one cop comes out of a few months of protests with a boo boo on his head and about 200 protestors(199 peaceful) at least sustained injuries that looked like they got beat up by there spouse who i also might add are at least half the size of most of those cops out there. im weighing the odds on that one and the hand that is raised up is about to bitch slap you fucking fools. but i am quite aware that even that wont wake you from your zombie like status infront of your satellite TV. If it were fucks like you this country would still be oppressing women and your next door neighbor would be clothed in a white sheet lynching the black guy that decided to use the bathroom in a white restroom...or maybe it would just be you. But thats OK. Go ahead and whine about how you cant get to Walmart or you're late for your TV dinner because those damn pesky protestors are out trying to tell people to WAKE THE FUCK UP. You may not realize it yet, but we are out there even protecting your right to attend a ralley to root on your brothers in the KKK.

What granola eaters can do 28.Mar.2003 11:17

Time to bomb Saddam

All you granola eaters can go fuck yourself.

Congratulations, the trolls are freaking out. 28.Mar.2003 13:21


You can always tell when you're being effective when the trolls come out of the woodwork and accuse you of every crime possible.

Keep up the good work people!


sick of all you rightwingers 28.Mar.2003 15:23


You rightwingers really stink!

Your point of view is all over the corporate owned media and you're getting your way: our government is invading Iraq. So why don't you bugger off and let us radical left wingers have this piddly little website for our own discussion. It should be no big deal to you. You own everything else in this country.

And by the way alot of us lefties do work. I'm a vocational rehab. counselor and I can tell you I hope you come to me looking for a job someday when the economy has collapsed due to this frigging war that our no good president and his cronies have instigated against the will of the people. When that day comes I'll let you know that there are no jobs to be had and that you can thank your stinking prezzie for that because he will have sunk this country like one of the Iraqi oil tankers target in this so called war.

Do yourself a favor and wake up.

What up right-wingers? 28.Mar.2003 15:54


Here's a question, why do you right wing, ignorant individuals come here, of all places, to voice your norrown-mindedand opinions? I mean this site isn't for you, you wont agree with anything here, and your juveniel attacks only strenghthen our resolve. I'm not offended by anything you say, but your comments are a harsh reminder of the ignorance and appathy that we are marching against. Thank you actually, now i feel like screaming louder, fighting harder, and protesting with all the ferocity i can muster.

P.S. I did eat granola this morning, then i did my taxes and called work to see if i was on call today.

I'm There 28.Mar.2003 17:16


Thanks for being here. I've been wanting to get involved, but was having trouble finding where and when. If you send me the info I'll reflect on  http://ojingo.beerdrinker.org (it's just a name not a lifestyle).

See you tonight!

One Gal's opinion 28.Mar.2003 19:58

Cat-8-bird Brown cat8bird@highstrem.net

I saw Berlusconi's Mousetrap last night. Man, what a mess. Basically, I feel like THE PEOPLE are hopelessly defeated. The cops in the street are only a fraction of power away from the people they are trying to control. We are all pawns, protesters and riot cops alike. Citizens against citizens. It works very well.

I think the best way to combat this imperialism, corruption and environmental destruction upon us... is to just talk to one another. I've found that in my conservative workplace, 100% of people admit to believing that powerful people LIE and make covert deals and are corrupt. The one step they can't make is that their leaders are not acting in their best interests. I'm working on that, but it seems like the smallest step of all to make. I thought it was interesting when one woman compared this to being in the care of a physician, "you have to have faith in what they say, because your life depends on it". Although the comparison is weak, I say that faith in doctors AND "the elite" is very dangerous. This angle of debate has made me slightly upbeat. It seems penetrable.

As for protests... the Thursday 20th protest I feel was an important showing TO OURSELVES - we are here, and we can see each other, etc. It was cool to stop highways at that time, to feel our strength. But now it seems actually stupid to go out and play cat and mouse with cops, all for the evening news, projected in the worst light. There are people who nearly agree with us, who are grossly turned off by flag-burning. The only audience we truly have is our neighbors. We can't win them over by pissing them off. It's an old debate I guess [between peaceful and less-than-peaceful protesters]. But I feel that, as for the black block-whatever-anarchist (whatya want anyhow?, no laws?, no justice?) WE DON'T NEED YOU. Marching against this war is something I want nothing to do with unless it is SO INCREDIBLY LEGAL in every way that any police action could only be viewed by ALL as appalling. This is NOT because I am all about peace and love, but because, to me, it seems much more clever. We have to be clever little rabbits, you know. So, for the destruction-of-property-minded... not only does it lead to public disapproval, but it is actually illegal, egging on police, and if you really want to fight the whole awesome power of this STATE, I suggest you get some big guns.
(or do your actions in the veil of darkness with no corporate cameras and cops around, dudes). I'll be doing my spray-painting at night.

North Portland

Who's Offended? 28.Mar.2003 23:51

John S. bombsaddamm@yahoo.com

this response is mainly for the person who goes by Qrg. but the rest of you may fall into this category also. in his last post he said:

"Here's a question, why do you right wing, ignorant individuals come here, of all places, to voice your norrown-mindedand opinions? I mean this site isn't for you, you wont agree with anything here, and your juveniel attacks only strenghthen our resolve. I'm not offended by anything you say, but your comments are a harsh reminder of the ignorance and appathy that we are marching against. Thank you actually, now i feel like screaming louder, fighting harder, and protesting with all the ferocity i can muster.

my answer:
first of all, i came to this site because while at a peace rally protesting against you people i was confronted by a young women who gave me this website as the source for all her information about the war. she told me that i watch too much CNN (i don't have cable), and that all the media is controlled by corporations (everything is a conspiracy). she told me that all my information was untrue because she had read something different at this website. so i decided to check it out to see what i had been missing. when i started reading the articles i was amazed at how much crap i was reading. then i found out that none of the stuff on this site is has to be confirmed. i mean i could make up whatever i wanted, post it, and you people would believe it. well, as long as it was against bush or against this war. also, nowhere does it say that site is specifically for left wing nutcases. and i'm glad you're not offended by what i'm saying, cause i'm not trying to offend you. and as for us rightwingers' comments making you want to "scream louder, fight harder, and protest with all the ferocity you can muster"? i'm glad, i hope you do, and i hope you go to jail, for breaking the law. cause it's only a matter of time before you throw some acid or swing a bat at a cop. and i just heard that the multnomah county jail has quite a few beds open just for your kind. no more getting arrested and then released a few minutes later. see you on the news.