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Join PCUN in defending farmworkers rights at capitol!

HB 2351 will have a hearing tomorrow- Wed. March 26- in Salem. This supposed "Collective Bargaining" bill for farmworkers is blantantly anti-farmworker and will only serve growers' interests. PCUN, Oregon's farmworker union, asks that supporters of farmworkers rights attend the hearing to show agribusiness that we will not accept its anti-farmworker union-busting proposal.
Join PCUN on March 26 to support farmworkers rights!
What: Hearing on anti-farmworker legislation HB 2351
Where: State Capitol in Salem, Hearing Room E
When: Wed, March 26, 8:00 AM
Why: To show the Oregon Farm Bureau that you join with farmworkers in refusing to accept their anti-farmworker legislation.
Background: The Oregon Farm Bureau wrote and introduced HB 2351 on March 17 in yet another attempt to establish a "collective bargaining" law for farmworkers and thus control PCUN's organizing activities. This anti-farmworker bill would severely limit the ability of farmworkers to organize or defend their rights. It includes such provisions as an anti-strike clause, outlaws secondary boycotts, and requires a mandatory waiting period before a union election, which, in agriculture, could mean that the harvest ends before an election is held. It also calls for the election of a "volunteer" Agricultural Labor Relations Board, making what should be a neutral body open to political manipulation.

phone: phone: 503-982-0243 ext. 20
address: address: PCUN Office: 300 Young Street, Woodburn, OR 97071

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Make the Bougeois Hippy Kids Listen 28.Mar.2003 19:05

Anna Mays amaysing1@1access.net

Caption under photo: "Farm workers run aground in drought of visibility"


Pay attention to what is happening in labor. Did you know the "Business" sections in newspapers used to be full of stories about the concern for workers rights? Labor has gotten some kind of pansy-ass bad name in this foo-foo revolution we're having (which I love, but we've got to keep ourselves broadly-based...). But we need to show up, en masse, to hear what unions and workers are saying.

I have a few questions for workers and labor:

1. How do you refer to ourselves (i.e. labor, worker, just a guy or girl, blue collar, etc.)? Keep in mind that white privileged middle-classers don't know what to call themselves.

2. what do you find most irritating about mainstream anti-war protestors?

3. how do you feel about church and matters involving god or a so-called "higher power"?

4. do people still really work in "factories" in this country? Are they anything like you know about "sweatshops" in "developing countries"?

5. How do varoius workers feel about Michael Moore? why do those that like him, like him? why do those that don't like him which he'd just fuck off?

6. how do the majority of people you know feel about the NRA and Heston?

7. do you live in cities, in suburbs, in small towns or in the country?

thanks for your time and patience. You could just refer me to a good book or paper or meeting or article that will answer my questions too (and show me how little I know).

Anna Mays

PS Farmer questions 28.Mar.2003 19:14

Anna Mays


#8 or 9.) Is it okay for women to love women, for men to love men, and does it bug you if a guy is really part girl and a girl is really part guy?

(sorry for the delay there re: the queer community)