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M25 Morning Protest Pictures

Pictures from this morning's protest (after it merged) Downtown, including the arrest of one man at 6th & Yamhill. Link below.

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Police going hog-wild downtown 25.Mar.2003 11:25


(I've tried posting this twice already. I hope the third time's the charm)

Report from attorney Alan Graf, c. 10am.

Police just brutalized a young man and young woman near the MAX tracks on Taylor.

The young man was standing with a sign, legally, on the sidewalk. He was jumped by two cops, who smashed his face in to the ground, then smashed his face in to the ground AGAIN. Then they pepper sprayed his face from an inch away.

They jumped on a young woman and hog-tied her. Then they felt her up, extensively, on the pretense they were looking for weapons.

Graf, another attorney and a channel 12 camera man witnessed this and caught much of it on camera. They interviewed Graf and say they will air the piece. A guy from channel 12 commented that police brutality and oppression is the worst he's seen in the states.

ps: to the young man and woman arrestees 25.Mar.2003 11:41


Alan would be more than happy to offer testimony about what he saw. Please post if you want to contact him.

more from today 25.Mar.2003 12:01


Did anyone catch... 25.Mar.2003 12:55


That woman in the white truck with the American flag who drove past the protest on 3rd in front of the Standard Insurance bldg. She yelled out "support the troops" and many of the crowd immediately retorted with "bring them home" Priceless. She then reacted by flipping us off, with both fingers I might add. It would have been funny if she lost control and plowed into a line of riot cops. Well maybe not that funny.....yes it would be!

wait, thats HARASSMENT 25.Mar.2003 13:58

arrested for flipping off recruiters

Holy shit, she FLIPPED YOU OFF? My God, that's unbelieveable, don't the police know that's terrorist harassment? Did the police see it? Did somebody get her plate number? (sarcasm)

It's unfortunate that the chickenhawks have wrapped themselves in this whole "support the troops" thing. It allows them to sleep at night I guess. Good work in trying to set her straight on what real support is; preservation of human life. I'm just guessing it didn't do much good though.

Win or lose, they lose 25.Mar.2003 16:25


Hmmm, Channel 12. Wasn't that the station who's reporters were pepper sprayed when the Emperor was in town? How very ... convenient.

It would have of course been a "win" for our side if we successfully disrupted business as usual.

Don't be discouraged that the cops prevented the streets from being taken over today. (At least I assumed they did, based on the reports here; wasn't downtown myself.) They had to be so on edge that they ended up attacking lawful pedestrians to do so. This will now get on TV and make the cops look bad.


Good deal 25.Mar.2003 16:36

R Grayson

Good that the police are firmly addressing you deserving individuals. Hopefully they will increase there stern,appropriate treatment. Godbless our troops,our Cmdr in Chief,and the Portland Police Bureau.

what ever 25.Mar.2003 21:59


That channel 12 cameraman, the one from Texas, always says eveything he has seen is the worst he has ever seen. He's one of those types. Take it with a grain of salt.
Geez....read your history books. The days of shooting the crowds with lethal munitions by the National Guard is long gone.....but obviously worse than this.



Hey, thanks for the post. I was the one who got beat by the rogue bike cop, but I'm trying to find out who he is, I can't really read his badge number on my ticket. I also took some pictures of my injuries to use as evidence later, but I really need some video, photos or witnessess for the hearing 4/24. If anybody has anything, please try to contact Legal at 503.471.8014 and they'll be able to let you know how we could use it. Thanks in advance...
Also, while trying in an endless effort to create a healthy, democratic dialogue amongst all of us involved in this debacle, I had a conversation with some detectives who interrogated me yesterday in jail. They said the force has been ordered to crack down even more. Now I still don't think all cops are abusive and have a prejudice against protesters, but they're still going to just have to follow orders (unless they decide they want to risk their job and join us). There's also a rumor they have a new tear gas that's alot harder to get out of the eyes (chemical weapons), and I'm sure they'll be ordered to use it if anything like last Thursday appears within sight. But let's keep out there, remember that driving is a PRIVILEGE and protesting a RIGHT. So good luck to everyone, stay strong, keep up the dialogue and lets start demanding answers from the Portland Business Alliance (in the Pacific Building next to Pioneer Square) and City Council about why they're for a free market and not a free society. Maybe Friday??? See yall there. Peace.

what to do 28.Mar.2003 17:00

vancouver baby

I am in the amnesty club at my school. i don't believe that the war is right at all, and i support those who show how they feel by protesting. yea for them. however, my father is a cop in portland, and i respect him as well. if everyone just looks at their side of the issues, nothing ever gets accomplished. me, i get both sides regaurdless. my father is the one stopping the protests while i am the one cheering for them. i know the police brutality isn't always neccessary, however it is there job to maintain the peace in portland. when protestors get peppersprayed, it is horrible, but there is always, ALWAYS a reason for it. i should know i hear all the stories. as for the article that was previously up on the page, you know the "Has anyone seen this cop" my answer is yes. i see him everyday, except now that the war has started. he is my father and i love him. i know that i would be out there protesting, and he would let me because he loves me too, however i find other ways to show my anti-war feelings.