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City Hall?

I'm confused
What does City Hall have to do with bringing troops home? Or with the war in general?
??? 25.Mar.2003 11:06


to what are you referring?

the protest today 25.Mar.2003 11:14


A KBOO report on the center newswire indicates that protesters today were in front of, and inside City Hall with the anti-war message. I didn't think that the portland government had much to do with sending troops or bombing the hell out of Iraq.

Right 25.Mar.2003 11:16


Good question.

hmm 25.Mar.2003 11:18


the only thing i can think of is the petition that's been going around to gain solidarity on opposition to the war... so PDX could tell DC that we unilaterally oppose the war... maybe it was regarding that. i don't know... i wasn't there.

About City Hall... 25.Mar.2003 11:57

just a citizen

City Hall was protested for various reasons. In case you have not been following up on what your city hall has been doing the past years, I will mention a few things:

A) PJTTF (Portland Joint Terrorist Task Force) - The city tried to pass this without even talking about it. They tried to have no citizen input on it. It failed the first time because one City Commissioner voted against it, but Vera Katz made it an emergency issue and it passed the second time due to BS political games.

B) The city failed to pass an anti-war resolution against a pre-emptive strike on Iraq. The preemptive strike is a direct violation of International Law, a Crime against Peace and a crime against Humanity. These are crimes the nazis got prosecuted for.

C) The City failed to make a connection between the war and the diversion of funds from the Federal Government to the war, instead to other social services that are in dear need of funding. Budget cuts in education, health care, job training, creating jobs, funding for city, county and state programs, policing (although it does not look like we need more of it) etc. could have been avoided and the recession could have been far less painful to the citizens IF Busholini had asked congress to appropriate $80 billion to the 50 states (that would be $1.6 billion per state average) instead of funding an illegal and immoral war.

If that is not enough for ya... then I don't know what to tell ya. I have more but it would be a waist of time if you don't get it with the above information.


Huh? 25.Mar.2003 12:15



I sure have been keeping up with what they've been doing.

The JTTF has nothing to do with the war in Iraq. The only connection I can see is their obvious hatred of anti-war protesters.

An anti-war resolution is symbolic, and has nothing to do with "bringing the troops home". If Bush doesn't listen to the rest of the world or to millions of citizens, why would he listen to a city council, or 30 city councils?

The part about their failure to demand federal aid I can see. But I still don't get what they're supposed to do about it now that the war started.


Here's a little more for Huh? 26.Mar.2003 05:05

another citizen

The PJTTF has their little secret undercover cops trying to make trouble at the protests (commonly known a provocatures) to make the peace protests look like they are a scourge on the society and therefor should be stopped by our wonderful law enforcement establishment. Our wonderful local law enforcement establisment advocates that we citizens pay for their spying on political disidents where the files then go to the FBI where then the information that we paid for can not be seen by any elected representatives of the citezens of Portland, any county in the state of Oregon, and The State of Oregon, including Senators Wyden and Smith. This amounts to the situation in the Cold War days when our leaders told us how terrible the Russians were to spy on all their people and repress the people that didn't agree with what their leaders were doing in the USSR.

Get the picture now?