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Portland Fire Department enflaming the gullible

Contact the PFB and tell Deputy Chief Gary Warrington to grow up
The Portland (Oregon) Fire Bureau has ordered U.S. flags be taken off their trucks, the "reason" being to protect themselves from protesters.

(please view the news link below)


It has successfully riled up the gullible public, not to mention firefighters, and needs to be addressed for what it is: a blatent move to demonize the true patriots who are demonstrating against Bush's vulgar war in Iraq. Please contact the Portland Fire Bureau, The Portland Tribune and Oregonian to clarify what the real issue is.

The Oregonian reporter: Steve Suo: 503-221-8288;  stevesuo@news.oregonian.com

Portland Fire Bureau contacts:
Deputy Chief Gary Warrington

homepage: homepage: http://oregonlive.com/metro/oregonian/index.ssf?/base/news/104859723679330.xml

Contact Sten regarding the flag flap? 25.Mar.2003 11:14


Perhaps people should contact Erik Sten (as the city commissioner who oversees the Fire Bureau) -- especially in light of the fact that he voted for the anti-war measure.


Fear is not the reason the flags shouldn't be flying high right now. The reason the flags shouldn't be flying is that it is very improper and irreverent.

Once again, a bad precedent is being set by certain city officials who are using the flag to demonize the folks who are protesting this dreadful war. This is an extremely sad time here in Portland and in the U.S.