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KBOO 9 a.m. report on Tuesday morning march

KBOO reporter called in live at 9 am tuesday morning 3-25-03 and gave the following report from the street:
At 9 a.m the group that had gathered at the North Park Blocks was around 150, and was moving past the Benson up S. Broadway to meet others who are at S. Park Blocks.

There is a heavy police presence, big black truccks with storm troopers hanging off the sides, motorcycle cops, bike cops.

1 arrest of a guy standing in the median waving an American Flag. Cops arresting him were confronted by protesters, but just ignored this.

Cops are making sure all traffic signals are followed and that the crowd stays on the sidewalks. Whistles blown loudly and aggressive reaction whenever anyone steps off the curb into the street.
Thank you!! 25.Mar.2003 14:42


THANK YOU to the police who are making protesters obey traffic laws, & arresting those who block traffic, thus denying the rights of those wanting to travel un-obstructed
within our country.

protests shutting down the system 25.Mar.2003 17:58


The protests are having direct economic effects. This is great because it seems to be the only thing that awakens the beast. I called Off. Brian Smutz at PPD and he thinks they may have already blown through the $500,000 they were given by Katz. He won't have figures until overtime slips come in, so maybe a week from now. OPB's reporter on the seen stated on the radio that while the protesters were in the streets, the major stores and malls were locked down.

My opinion is we need to have smaller groups protesting around downtown instead of just one large group. This would tie up the police even more. We also need to shut down Sen. Smiths office in Portland. We need to start marching at about 3 PM. This would maximize store closures and disrupt commutes home in addition.

Keep up the peaceful resistance!

Where are the photos? The Video 25.Mar.2003 20:42

Post the proof

Every other post on this forum claims some heinous police brutality and random pig ass-kicking, but I have yet to see a photo or especially any video that shows this blantent brutality - It seems anyone who has been physically restrained while being handcuffed feels they have been brutilized somehow.

Pony up the proof or quit whining.

BTW - Alan Graf is not the most reliable source of information. His primary source of income is engraining radical, socialist propaganda into young people as a "professor", then scoring financially by representing them in lawsuits. Whata scam - create the "injustice", then profit from it.

protest pix 26.Mar.2003 00:54


Here are the pictures from the pepper spraying March 25th