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Wall Street is crumbling

Don't usually listen to NPR but KBOO didn't have the news on yet when I woke up...

Was surprized by the story that was aired before the press conference with the US sargeant... and it was good to hear that business as usual on Wall Street has been seriously disrupted! All Power to the People!
There was e drastic drop that happened in the NasDaq and other wall street stock exchange trading schemes... something like over a 100 points drop of the Nasdaq, and around 3.6 % of all stock trading across the board fell drastically Monday.

According to NPR,this drop may be due to the few pictures the US military couldn't suppress of US prisoners of war yesterday. Interesting that the pictures of the Iraqi prisoners were plastered all over, but that all news agencies worldwide were requested by the US military to not show the pictures released by Iraq of US prisoners...

Suprised me also to hear NPR exposing the history of the oil fields... and Rumsfeld and his cronies.... that their offer in the '80s to have Bechtel set up an oil pipeline during the time they were arming Hussein to fight Iran... was rebuffed by Hussein and that he instead did the same thing Castro did that incurred the wrath of the US indefinitely and beyond all logic, even capitalist logic..... Saddam responded back then by Nationalizing the oil fields Exxon then partially owned!

Apparently those that are getting satellite tv are getting real world news. Not all the press is listening to the US military --Some media is actuallly covering things happening on the ground over there... The rest of the media that is listening and suppressing news need to be targetted and called out -- we should demand that the media cover the news!

(And I don't mean attacking corporate reporters, they are only the lackeys of a much bigger system-- although I still think blocking their cameras if it is know that the cameraman has a history of covering news poorly makes sense)

Targeting corporate media stations is being called for in San Fransisco and by the group Code Pink. I can see how this is a logical next step, what do others think
markets are up 8 percent in three weeks! 25.Mar.2003 07:55


if that is crumbling, I'll take it anyday..