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Why the ant-war movement will soon be growing

Body Bags Will Force Americans to think.
I think we can be confident that the anti-war movement will be growing very soon. Most pro-war folks really thought that this would be another a video game war. As U.S. casuilties begin to mount the relatives of the dead will have to ask what their loved ones died for. Shortly even the most hardened 'partriots' will be filled with rage at the man who sent their sons and fathers to death in vain. The illusion of a grateful, liberated, Iraqi population seems to be quickly fading away as well. How will the media be able to claim the Iraqi population wants us there when they are fighting us so strongly? Soon the nation will be forced to admit that Bush sent young people to die in a nation that doesn't want us there. How powerful it will be when the ones blocking the bridges are the mothers of dead G.I.'s.
nobody wants to be associated with you. 25.Mar.2003 06:52


the reason the protest numbers have dropped is because people don;t like your tactics. vomit-ins, die-ins, violence.

it turns people off.

nobody wants to be saddam's stooge.

What turns people off 25.Mar.2003 07:24

Douglas Lain

What turns people off is the knowlege that their own government has decided to attempt to run the world by force, the knowlege that their country is a rogue nation, the knowlege that men like Saddam Hussein run can usually count on the support of the west, of the United States, and that dictators need fear our government's wrath only when they step out of line and threaten elite interests.

What turns people off is the understanding that our culture is on a suicide course, ecologically, politically, spiritually.

Some get turned off completely, grow numb, and rationalize themselves into apathy or try to convice themselves that they actually support the atrocity exhibitions all around. But a growing minority get turned off of suicide and despair and start to do something about it.

turn off 25.Mar.2003 08:05


what will turn people off soon is that they will begin to realize one of the points that many anti-war protestors have been saying all along; American soldiers are being used by this administration for their own greedy purposes, as has been the case with all these Gulf Wars. Vets will come home disillusioned because they will be forgotten and not receive the care they expected. Funding for the VA has been continuously dropping so Bush can give tax breaks to the wealthy and fund this expensive war. Of course, there are some Americans who can't seem to see through the B.S. fed to them through the unrelenting corporate media.

under the cover of night 25.Mar.2003 09:07


Don't forget that Bush had already ordered that the night time delivery of the bodybags so that no one would see them. His father did the same thing during Desert Storm.

Imagery is damn powerful. It helped stop the Vietnam war and it will help stop the erroneously named "Iraqi Freedom" war.

Turn off? 25.Mar.2003 09:08


I'll tell you what a turn off is - PEOPLE ACTUALLY DYING. My gut aches for ALL the people that are dying in this war. People are dropping like flies - and it's consuming me with deep saddness. That's a turn off.

If you're turned off by "die-in's" - then wouldn't you be digusted with the REAL THING??

dropping like flies? really? 25.Mar.2003 14:15


more people died in auto accidents last week in iraq in auto accidents.

we have lost more americans to farm machinery accidents than americans in combat in this war.

do the math, and take saddam's dick out of your mouth.

ignorance keeps the fearocracy alive 25.Mar.2003 18:31


"Saddam's Stooges"? O.K., df, you should really wake-up and smell your humanity burning. It is painfully obvious that you have bought-in to the well constructed enviroment of fear that has been spoon-fed to you by the false politicians and corporate media puppets. Your so far wrapped up in it that you not only fear your fellow human beings, but you blindly hate them as well. I suggest you realize what exactly is happening to your freedom and your rights in this country or the next thing you know, you'll be hauled off and questioned because you checked out the wrong book at the library or said the wrong thing at work or looked at the wrong site on the internet. Creative protest methods are what's needed to break through the barriers of mediocracy and fear-numbed consumerism that keep the American people from speaking out.