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Mommy, I want up!
Hi all you cry towels! I just got back from 3 days off from my great capitalistic job, burning oil and generally causing 3 world nations to support ME! Just thought I'd look at commie central to see what your plans were...

PS...thanks for posting your next steps...it is like leading with your testicles in a fight...

PSSSST: in case I forgot to tell you....get out.

Have a great day
Wow 25.Mar.2003 07:19

shock & awe

It's fine folks like you, Mike, that just make me swell up with pride for being an American. Such meaningful insight and wisdom as yours truly gives capitalism and imperialism the dignity they deserve!

It's a Mouthful 25.Mar.2003 13:43

Cleetus cleetus@whitetrailertrash.com

Hey Mike, welcome back. Good thing too, I wuz gettin' real horney & not having your old lady around to gimme some oral luvin' for the past few days has been hard on mah nerves!