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Real Change requires Real Action

Real Change requires Real Action, but it isn't an issue of whether or not to "Shut the city down"
There has been a lot of discussion about action against the war, and a division between three kinds of people... Those who support direct action, those who support peaceful protest, and those who support both. I am of the third kind, but that is irrelevant.

There has been so much discussion on what to do. People are desperate and taking desperate measures. Neither the peaceful protest or the direct action currently used are going to stop this war, or the next, or the next. They are however both very important. But we need to start thinking outside the box, and asking ourselves questions. A good, old fashioned journalist approach is a good start. Who, what, when, why, where, how?

What is you're real objective? What are your goals? We are caught in a sort of dillemma. Shutting the city down will hurt the poor far more than the rich. Can you imagine being a single mom working for minimum wage who can't get to work for a week? Is this what you want to do? However, drastic times do call for drastic measures. So, these measures are considered a last resort.

But what else can be done? Think outside the box. Brainstorm. Can we shut down companies that support the war? Can we impede the rich and help the poor? Can we stop up the internet? Can we petition the help of other contries?

Is this a movement, a revolution, or a civil war? To stop this war I believe that it has to be revolution. The war is caused by a whole system. It would do no good to just "Stop the war" without getting rid of those that are waging it.

One does not have to be a pacifist to be against this war. It is not hypocrycy to fight this violence with violence of our own if necessary. If a child were being attacked, would you call someone who stopped them a hypocryte? That is what is happening. a bully is attacking children. In a roundabout way, even our own children, by taking resources away from them and giving them to the war machine. I am not a pacifist. This war is just one aspect of an imperialist regime that needs to be stopped. But we need to not hurt poor people any more than necessary. They are already being hurt by this war.

And do not be so impatient! I know you are all itching to go out and fuck shit up every day, but that time and energy can be used to plan, to organize, to strategize. People are going to whine and complain. People are going to be against us no matter what we do, someone is going to have an opinion about it. As a matter of fact, many of us might be considered terrorists and go to prison for life. If that happens, make sure it is worth the risk, because if that happens after annoying people on their morning commute, it isn't worth it. Yes, go out, shut the city down, but come back, stop and rest so you can THINK about what to do that would actually work. I think that the argument that we need to fuck shit up is as shortsighted as the argument that we need to "set an example". Neither are very effective. Peaceful protest would not have worked in Nazi Germany, nor will it have much effect here, but it does sway people. People are listening. People are learning. People do change their minds.

Clear channel may be a good start. Think corporate offices, sit ins, and peaceful civil disobedience that would impede Clear Channel from doing it's job.
thanks 25.Mar.2003 01:23

The Transformationalists

"It is not hypocrycy to fight this violence with violence of our own if necessary."

that's a lie...you remind me of Bush: he can't say Subliminal and you can't spell Hypocrisy.

that's a lie; or maybe an unthought falsehood. I REMEBER RIGHTEOUS REVOLUTIONARIES. They were masters of hypocriosy. they enslaved and genocided and would not let my ancestors vote.

real anarchists spit on your socialism.

damn right the state is corrupt. we need something new.

your socialist revolutionare rhetoric is old. so old. when will you nerds get tired of failure? you make the Statists giggle with your Stalinist claptrap.

and Joan of Arc? you make me want to cry. so you're ready to Burn?

for social Change?

crack a book.

to all the would be anarchists who are buying into the socialist illusion: did you ever wonder why people have been screaming 'smash the state' for years and it never happens?

did you ever hear of totalitarianism?

did you ever har of stalin? being uneducated is no sin, no crime. but if you find out and keep on doing the same stuff, you'll be real surpised when real anarchists start laughing in your faces and refuse to share informationwith the dangerously stuoid. after awhile uneducated turns into obviously ignorant anddangerously stupid.

and Joan of Arc? really. wow. THERE'S something new. hey, why not think instead of killing yourself for a change.


I suggest A Circular Die-In Around Fed. Bldg. 25.Mar.2003 01:26

doing it for earth!

I suggest a die-in, which would encircle the federal building. I saw this on Australian Indy, or perhaps another (checking other activities going on in Europe is important) Indy site. People held hands or feet, and died in in front of the U.S. embassy I think. People would have to walk over us, we could bring pictures of the wounded and dead children of Iraq so far. What do you all think?

As I recall 25.Mar.2003 01:42


I remember when I was a lot younger reading txt files on BBSes about different ways to be a thorn in the side of corporations, government institutions, etc. I remember thinking "what fun!" and wanting to do these things myself. I never did any of this, of course *wink*. I think that direct action should not be confined to massive protests, but can be effectively done on an individual level (i.e. one person fucks with on corporation, another person monkeywrenches a government institution, etc). If more radkids took this approach as well as doing their usual thing, I think it would turn out to be very effective.
this post is provided for entertainment purposes only. The author does not advocate any illegal activity and suggests that you consult local and federal law before undertaking to do anything, period.

this just in: breaking news 25.Mar.2003 02:08


due to the content of the previous post the federal government has prohibited winking, nudging and nodding wisely. penalties include being forced to stand around innocently, or forty lashes with extremely flaccid noodles.

for transformationalist 25.Mar.2003 09:45


any "real" anarchist wouldn't spit on a fellow human. true anarchy is transcnding all barriers and true anarchry contains no personal anger. please practice what you preach and don't be going around calling names and spitting on others in the name of anarchism, you sully it's beauty. unity for all means exactly that.

Stop up the internet? 25.Mar.2003 17:58

Auntie Christy

Joan of Arc says: "But what else can be done? Think outside the box. Brainstorm. Can we shut down companies that support the war? Can we impede the rich and help the poor? Can we stop up the internet? Can we petition the help of other contries?"

Very thoughtful discourse, and I agree with you generally, except on one point. The internet is the BEST source of non-corporate-media news we have. Open publishing service such as that offered by Portland.indymedia is a critical resource for the antiwar groups. Your suggestions were in fact published on the internet.