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Psychic Assassination Attempt Anoucement

The antiwar movement needs to step up its tactics. I propose an assassination using the following means:
It is well documented that all people have a natural psychic ability. On Thursday, March 27th of 2003, I will focus my psychic energies to create an invisible psychic field that will stop the heart of every top official of the US government. I will not attempt to harm anyone by physical means. I will simply be chanelling my psychic energies to manifest my desired result. I wonder how the Feds would attempt to prosecute this kind of thing? I mean, calling it a terrorist act or assassination attempt at all would be ADMITTING that people possess psychic ability, wouldn't it? Is it really a crime, or isn't it? And if you arrested somebody for it, then you would be obligated to shoot them on site, as simply arresting them would not stop them from continuing their "assassination attempt".
while we're at it... 25.Mar.2003 01:51


...why don't we think Saddam Hussein out of existence, too?

I mean, he and Shrub are going to the same place anyway... might as well send 'em there together!

In all seriousness, this war may be wrong, but Saddam truly is a terrible man who has done terrible things to thousands, possibly millions of people.

I can only hope that if the psychic assassination doesn't work, he will someday find himself sharing a cell in the Hague with Slobodan Milosevic. They deserve each other.

that's a great idea 25.Mar.2003 02:38

psychic guru

i think that's a great idea. I will therefore attempt to psychically assassinate not only the top officials of our government, but saddam hgussein himself, and also whatsisface sharon, the leader of isreal, for his genocidal policies concerning palestine. And if he doesn't watch it, Yassir Arafat will be next. The president/prime minister/whatever of Korea could possibly use a little psychic manipulation as well.