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I'm telling you; if you guys keep bitching at each other you're not gonna get anywhere.
There's a certain level of animosity between so called "fluffy liberals" and some of the more "riled up" radicals. This has got to fucking stop, as those of us in the middle (liberals AND radicals) are getting fed the fuck up. I will be the first to admit that peacecopping at demos is a motherfucker, and it's bullshit, but that doesn't mean it's ok to criticize law-abiding tactics. The bottom line is that "fluffy liberals" aren't going to block freeways. Radical peeps aren't going to STOP blocking freeways. That's just the way it goes. The fact remains, however, that for the first little while of any demo, all the radicals and liberals are standing/marching side-by-side for the same cause. Liberals: Remember that when we split off to do our own thing. Remember that when you see some crusty punk posting antiwar grafitti on buildings. Turn the other fucking cheek. Radicals: Remember that when the "fluffy liberals" decide to have a nicey-nicey protest. Remember that when they want to stay on the sidewalks, when they don't want to follow you down to the esplanade to jump the fence at the freeway.
I'm not a fan of Amerikkkan football, but I will use it here to illustrate my point as an example of teamwork: The quarterback, usually being smaller and lighter than the rest and having his own "job" in the game, does not confront the linebackers of the opposing team. The linebacker does not grab the ball from the quarterback or criticise him/her for staying back from the front line of assault. The recievers run far away from the conflict itself; their job is to be at the end of the field when the ball is thrown by the quarterback so that they can catch it. My point here is that if we (antiwar people) start looking at ourselves as a team, then we can begin to realize what positions we play in this team, and stop criticising others for the positions that they have chosen. The goal is to win the conflict, not to get everyone to do exactly what you are doing. I'm sorry if my analogy seems a bit silly, but it was the easiest way I could come up with to say what I had to say.
I think it's a great analogy 25.Mar.2003 00:15


and that's coming from a person who hates football.

Yeah 25.Mar.2003 09:04


Clamydia; while your IMC name may sound like a disease, you are so right on. I vote you for Mayor of Portland. The radicals need the fluffy soccer mom liberals and the fluffies need to accept the radical tactics. All tactics are needed, not division. There's nothing wrong with sing a longs and cadle light vigils, but there's also nothing wrong with direct action. The "right" does not quiblle like the "left" does. Do your own thing, the more actions, the better. If you fluffies dn't like vomit, crudeness etc go your separate ways, but don't fight each other.