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imperialism & war

Force Portland to take a stance

simple and easy action to take.
I think it might prove worthwhile to compile a list of pro (eg. the Tugboat) and anti-war (eg. Higgins) businesses in portland and publish it. we could then distribute it (in the form of a flyer) to said businesses and elsewhere. That way people can choose who to support and businesses are forced to take a politcal stand.
problem 25.Mar.2003 00:57


One problem: according to most polls, the majority of Portland area people are supporters of the war. If someone went to stores saying "are you pro or anti war, most stores would probably say ... um, we are whatever most of our consumers are." or decline to say.

problem #2 25.Mar.2003 03:15


those against the war are likely to have less money to spend in stores, since we're the working class, students, the poor, etc., while those supporting the war can drum up much more money.

see also: "capitalism" ;-)

you are creating the problem 25.Mar.2003 03:55

racking brain

oh yeah, i forgot the working class don't buy anything at all, ever. nor do students. silly me.

you think most woking class people are against this war? think again.

most anti-war 'activists' are middle class who choose to be poor. most students are not working class.

all i'm saying is- build up whatever list is possible. just a suggestion but negativity reigns supreme on this site at the moment so fuck it all, eh?

racket 25.Mar.2003 06:39


No one is choosing to be poor, asshole. My college degree has done NOTHING to get me a fucking job that pays a living wage so FUCK YOU!

so glad i started this post 25.Mar.2003 07:08

rackin brain

bee: this doesn't make you 'working class'. what i'm saying is, for instance, people's co-op is obviously anti-war, they are donating some profit to the cause on saturday (which is fucking great) but not many people who are really poor or working class shop there.

if you think the anti war movt. is working class movt- your living in an illusion. the working class have their own shit to worry about.

if you want to call me an asshole leave your email and we can discuss this like real people. your college degree got you nowhere? boo hoo, i'm crying a river.

Sorry to be insulted, but... 25.Mar.2003 07:25


I don't like people blaming the poor for their poverty.

The Tugboat is pro-war? 25.Mar.2003 07:31


I don't know if I'd go so far as to call The Tugboat pro-war. It's true that the owner and his father-in-law(bartender) are libertarian gun nuts and may be supporting the troops, but a huge number of people that hang out there are anti-war, including some pretty hard core leftists. I've always found it to be an anything goes kind of place. But if the owners' pro-war sentiments are too much for some to take, I understand.

Well then... 25.Mar.2003 08:13


...I say, let's hang out at the tug boat and maybe over time, we can change some of the ideas of those nice people that run the place. You know, break down the stereotypes.