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Personal attacks on the indymedia newswire are childish and disruptive. Saying something about somebody in the comments section is bad enough, but justifiable in SOME instances. Bumping perfectly good news stories off of the newswire to vent your frustration/animosity towards another reader/reporter is never justifiable.
There are many people who visit this site frequently and choose to post articles to the newswire that are not quite of a leftist bent. When they do this, it seems many of them feel VERY defensive in doing so, anticipating a swift deletion of their article. So, when the newswire is running slow, and they don't see their article come up immediately, they immediately assume that they are being "censored," proceeding then to repost their article over and over in hopes of breaking the will of their imaginary foe. At this point, an indymedia volunteer looks at the newswire and says, "OH shit, somebody is spamming; there's four duplicate posts here of the same article." They then proceed to actually hide every instance of this article, assuming that it is an attack (and they are half right). Then, the poster of the article starts screaming "censorship!" and posting madly. This can all be avoided by
A: ALL posters (including right wing posters) having a little more patience with the newswire. The indy volunteers don't usually like to see right wing propaganda (and I'm not talking about the Castro article; I actually agree that Castro is a fuckwad who needs to loosen the fuck up on his people) on the newswire, but will leave it because 1: It is against their policy to take things down just because they don't happen to agree, and 2: It would look really bad to ACTUALLY be censoring the newswire. This means that if you post right wing stuff on the site and you don't see it immediately, give it some fucking time to show up. If it's not there in fifteen minutes or so, THEN repost, and only do so once. If it doesn't show up the second time, then email editorial. Massive repeat postings will only lead to every occurrence of that article being hidden.
Also, on an only slightly related note, reposting what is essentially the same article to the site right after it bumps off the newswire is also disruptive, and those articles should be deleted, unless they are updates to an ongoing situation or notices of something that is to occurr in the future. B: Indymedia volunteers, when hiding duplicate posts, always leave one of them there unless it is disruptive. Disruptive posts include (but are not limited to) posts that have no informational purpose or relevance and are only there to take up space, insult people, and/or vent frustration/anger with the site or other posters with no legitimate attempts at informing people of anything.
On a further note, I'd like to add that posting articles that are editorial in nature (opinions, rants, etc) is disruptive unless you are actually trying to present a coherent argument for your view and are open to criticism and discussion. Posting an article with a title "Such and such is an asshole" and then putting nothing but your opinion of another poster to the site in the body of the article is disruptive.