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Non "Shut It Down" Contingent Meet at 8AM N. Park Blocks

Non-"Shut It Down" Contingent meet at N. Park Blocks.
Sorry for the late invitation:
Interested in joining up with a peaceful, non-"shut it down" protest contingent tommorow?
Meet at N. Park Blocks at 8AM (NW Burnside and Park).
My sign says "Peace could start at any moment"
Sounds boring 24.Mar.2003 23:29


Bleh...have fun there, following the rules and everything.

Isn't that the point.. 24.Mar.2003 23:43


Isn't the whole point of protesting for peace to lead by example? if we push for peace, should we not do such in a peaceful way? Shutting down cities just disrupts order and distracts people from our real cause, and they simply think we are a bunch of radical anarchists. Perhaps by peacefully protesting, we can bring our cause to the forefront, and stop needless US led wars.

anokpeace the great uniter 24.Mar.2003 23:53

open to all

anokpeace: its great that you are trying hard to reach out to everyone with your healthy attitude. what's your revolution going to look like? a few aged 15-30 white male, middle class drop outs?

Comments speak for themselves 25.Mar.2003 00:44


The responses posted here to what sounds like a very reasonable and responsible approach to protesting the war speak volumes about the people who are sullying the very concept of free speach and dissent. The same group who openly admires countries who hate and kill Americans, while in the same breath, rave on about acts of love and compassion. The radical fringe isn't about protesting, it isn't about free speech, the war is just a convenient and politically correct excuse to act out the rage they feel at their own inadequecies.

Case in point - Protesting without terrorizing innocent people or blocking interesections or beating up cops is apparently "boring" to the hardcore "peace" activists.

If you want to hate this country or our president, hate away - scream it from the mountain tops, it is you God-given right. If you get some sort of sexual charge from breaking glass, break the windows out of your own damn house. If you want to have a street party, have the biggest street party you can organize. If you want to have a riot, have a big ol' riot. But, please, please don't try to legitimize your actions and your lack of self-worth by wrapping yourself in some righteous rhetoric about peace or freedom, because unless you haven't noticed, nobody is buying it.

Have your peaceful protest, sing songs, chant a chant, write your Congressman, do what you feel is right. I may not agree with your point of view, I may not like you personally, but I would and may have to fight and die to defend your right to do it.

God bless you "J", I applaud your courage to do what is right and stand up for your priciples. Good luck with your demonstration.