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Banners for Peace

Members of the Olympia, Washington Iraq Pledge of Resistance unfurl large peace banners on hillside below State Capitol building.
Banners for Peace
Banners for Peace

Olympia -While many Americans begin to feel the weight of around-the-clock chatter and images of war, local members of the Iraqi Pledge of Resistance presented the community with images of peace.? On Monday morning, in time for the commute downtown, over twenty people unfurled four large peace symbols on the steep slope below the Temple of Justice, overlooking Capitol Lake.?

"As war dominates the airwaves, we want the people in this community to know that peace remains an option.? We hold the power to stop the violence.?? We can bring our troops home.? It takes courage to stand up to the Bush administration and it's narrow worldview of American dominance. ?It starts by believing that peace is possible."

Organizers pointed out the four symbols, against the backdrop of the Temple of Justice and the Capitol Dome, represent a critical connection.? The group noted, "The government has a responsibility to the people to make the struggle for peace a higher priority than the push for war, especially an illegal war.? These symbols of peace in connection with the symbols of government affirm that duty.? Justice requires peace in Iraq.? We expect our elected representatives at every level of government to demand that peace."?

The four symbols appearing on the hillside were chosen to represent the many cultures and communities affected by the invasion of Iraq.? In addition to the easily recognized modern peace sign, the banners included the White Dove, an ancient symbol of peace in many cultures.? The dove also symbolized the powerful community connection with Rachel Corrie, the local Peacekeeper, who was murdered a few days ago by the Israeli Defense Force in Gaza while protecting the home of a Palestinian family from destruction. There was also a banner with an ancient Chinese symbol for peace, featuring three small circles, encased in a larger ring.? The fourth symbol was a version of the Native American Medicine Wheel.? It represents many things, including the connection between people of different cultures.?

Group members made these banners after researching the images of peace around the world.? The group says they intend to regularly display the banners in visible locations throughout the community, "as a reminder of the urgency to end the genocide being perpetrated in our name."