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be at the north and south park blocks by 8 am.
you are needed to shut this city down on tuesday 8 am in the north and south park blocks. the police will be ready and so you should be ready also. if you fear crowds make use of the lack of police in other parts of town. use your imagination and shut em down.

oh ya when the folks in front get attacked don't run!!!!!! stand in solidarity and fight back with our unity.
Please don't block freeways 24.Mar.2003 21:48

Anti-war and a commuter

I am a Green party member, agaist war, and sometimes activist who drives I-5 South to the Fremont Bridge to I-405 to the Sunset freeway most mornings at about 8:00 AM. I will be on that road tomorrrow morning, and it would not be appricated if my trip to work were stopped by protestors, even though I support them and have marched in my fair share of social justice rallies through the years. If I don't like the idea of it, imagine how the hardcore right-wingers will feel. It will not gain any new/more anti-war support to block freeways. This will only give the cops an excuse to pepper spray and billy club you.

It would be much better to hang banners from the overpasses. I will be sure to honk my horn and flash my lights for them.

honking horns don't do shit 24.Mar.2003 21:55

green party, too

honking horns and flashing lights don't do shit.

shut her down! there is no other way. shut her down! tomorrow, and the next day, and the next, and the next, and the next.

shut her down! you just don't get it.

BIKE BRIGADE 24.Mar.2003 22:02


I will be showing up on a bike. if 30 other people do the same we can move fast and shut down far flung intersections and draw police pressure off the two main marches.

sorry to offend your green party sensibilities, but these actions are meant to disrupt the daily business of this city, not to make new friends.

its pretty clear that the actions taking place around the world have been characterized by a refusal to make symbolic gestures the crux of dissent.

Shame On You - this isn't peace 24.Mar.2003 22:12

All For Peace

Hello, I don't get it, what do you mean by shutting down the city? How can fighting the city/police be promoting peace? Fools, you are becoming what you are against! Your actions are motivated by your self-righteousness and, again, our brothers and sisters who are barely squeaking out a living to support their families are catching the fallout. What does a day's pay mean to them if they can't get to work? Or if they get fired because they don't show up? Or, worse yet, get caught up in some violence caused by you? This action isn't civil disobedience, it's civil irresponsibility. You have to *live* your priciples, not just talk about them. Shame on you!

alternate project 24.Mar.2003 22:15

sit on it!

Try shutting down 43, say between the sellwood bridge and John's Landing. it's the main route for all the suburban drones from Lake No-Negro and West Linn, as well as a lotta southwest portland/hill dwellers.

Green party guy may be on to someting -- lots of portland is already behind us!!

bike brigade is right, this is bourgeois! 24.Mar.2003 22:20


It's true, for many its not about building a movement. Instead it is about those who can afford not to working acting as a small bourgeois organization to effect the less informed masses. The fact of the matter is stopping traffic is not a sustainable strategy for working people. Shutting down major pro-war businesses is, by why stop the working-class from getting a meal for the kids that day. Just because there is a war doesn't mean we turn on those who need their jobs. Janitors, carpenters, electricians, etc work downtown too. As a rank and file radical worker I take offence at a largely bourgeois coalition shutting down working people's movement and freedoms without any discourse with the unions, without any input from the workers, and without working people's lives in mind. Not that i am opposed to shutting down the city, as long as it is done in conjunction with a movement that can include workers. How much more powerful would this be if rank and file workers went on strike contra-the union bureaucracy's wishes? Instead you will alienate the working-class from joining by showing them anti-war direct action is for those who can afford it.

is it really working? 24.Mar.2003 23:56


OK, anarchists, its time for some critical self analysis. What are you accomplishing with your "shut it down" activities? I was with you at the beginning. I don't drive, and I don't have a 9-5. But I'm tired of hearing your "take back the bridges" crap.

What the fuck are you going to do with them? You can't hold them. Cops have clubs and guns. Even if you were armed to the teeth, they would kick your scrawny 16 year old tattered black t-shirt wearing asses.

So you stopped traffic. So do accidents, like every day. Wake up, it ain't workin. You ain't doin squat. I'm sorry, I hoped you would achieve something but you didn't. So move on. Re-invent yourselves. Tell your buddies to think of a new plan.

Go to shopping malls, or suburbs. We've seen you and we no longer care. Don't get redundant, don't be a tired old routine. You are a valuable part of the peace and anti-fascist movement. Don't be a dead weight.

latent consensus? 25.Mar.2003 00:28


as this thread evolves...reading "sit on it", "t" and "pud", for instance...is there an opportunity for, say, Labor (organized, I suppose) and BB/students of tactics to start planning together?

I'm not thinking necessarily about some kind of any committment to hierarchical merger, but that as a field expedient, some horse trading be done, whereby Labor folks can make a contribution by coordinating periodic, unpredictable labor shutdown/slowdown, or similar economic pain in the cause of anti-imperialism, while the shock troops support Labor's scheduled need to play out its, well, indentured obligations, timing and locating more tactical skirmishes that don't put a stick in the eye of who would otherwise be out there watching your back.

I'm thinking of something that doesn't have us pulling in different directions as we chaffe under the capitalist/money and property class yoke. Is it possible for those under different ranges of obligations to hatch coordinated actions (and inactions), that build solidarity?

does Labor have a point of contact to start dialogue on building solidarity with BB? Same question for BB.

Target profiteers and contributors to war 25.Mar.2003 09:20


Corporate Media contributed to the war mongering in this country.

Haliburton and Bechtel and their affiliates are being researched and taergeted in SF.

Code Pink calling for targeting corporate media buildings

You are a Fool... 25.Mar.2003 11:10

Anti-War Protester

Honking horns and flashing lights don't do shit, you are right. Where as shuting down traffic, attacking cops and destroying property alienates your message from the vast majority of the anti-war movment. After last week, a people are seperating themselves from the movment because they don't want to associate themselves with thie likes of you!