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Billboard Enhancement on SE Hawthorne

Clear Channel got some help with this one.
Billboard Enhancement on SE Hawthorne
Billboard Enhancement on SE Hawthorne

just fyi 24.Mar.2003 21:31


just fyi, clear channel has been sponsoring pro-war rallies around the country....as if you needed another reason to hate them.

Clear Channel censors John Lennon 24.Mar.2003 21:56

Man Upright

Clear Channel is also the media giant that won't allow John Lennons "Imagine" to be played on any or their stations, all 1200+ !

? 25.Mar.2003 00:19


How do people get up to those things? (doesn't carrying a ladder up to it look suspicious?) And is that just paper which is taped up there?

just wondering.

good work! 25.Mar.2003 11:45


just wondering, is this billboard in portland? anyone know where? i'd love to take a photo and beam it to my right wing bro in chicago.

sweet 25.Mar.2003 19:33


yeah man im sick of those military billboards i saw one that said part time worker...... full time hero i wanted to throw up... of course i was in traffic with a hummer next to me actually had a bumper sticker that "image is everything" yuk

How to 'get up to those things' 25.Mar.2003 23:17


To '?': One way to 'get up to those things' is to bring them closer to the ground. Chainsaws work great for this. There are other methods.... However, maybe you didn't notice the ladder leading up to this sign. I'd start there.

Answers 25.Mar.2003 23:28

Capt. Shipwreck

Reader, I think that paper is taped or glued to the billboard. It ain't Photoshop.

Thanks Elena. The billboard is in Portland on SE Hawthorne at about 46th. It's on the north side of the street facing west. You may copy this picture to send to your brother, or just point him to this page.

visualize word peace 26.Mar.2003 19:42


use their tactics against them! the three seconds it takes to glance up while driving, walking, riding, running...is just enough time to influence anyone. Why do you think advertisement is such a huge business!?!Use the money the corperate world pays, to front a space of your own! Help correct street signs, billboards..anything! just like this one... all over Portland !!! Let your political creativity take a stand!

another one to read about clear channel 08.Jan.2004 22:01

cc hater

also check out this diatribe against clear channel;