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Come out Tomorrow, For Realz

Stuff about morningtime action for 3/25
We have a very good plan in place for the actions tomorrow, but we need a significant amount of people to make it work. We have two seperate marches leaving from the North and South Park Blocks at 8 AM, we figure we will need 500 at each one to make it work at top form, meaning 1000 should try to make it. This will not be like some the marches we have seen the last couple days where people wander around waiting to be harassed, it will be more like the Thursday actions at least in some respects.
we'll be there 24.Mar.2003 21:01

on a bike

i will be there.

will you?

its important that those that are planning to join the action announce their intentions here. the more of us that pledge support by posting, the more people will see, here and give their own support!

pissed about planning 24.Mar.2003 21:14

not a groovy enough activist

you know, many of us have heard about this up-coming action for days now. the problem is there is zero information about it.

i do not trust that if i simply show up i'll be ok. that is, i doubt if anyone is going to watch my back the same way i'll try and watch out for others.

portland activists don't have it together that way at all. we work in a manner that is the polar opposite of places such as san francisco. we are not open or trusting and all of the ism's are alive and thriving here. things are done in secretive and paranoid small groups (bogus affinity groups) which exclude almost everyone else from participating.

i for one am sick of it. i'm more than ready to be involved in major shutdown activities, but the disfunction of the so called activist communities here makes it almost impossible to plug in if you're not one of the select few within the inner inner inner cool groovy activist circles.

lots of us are sick of having to prove ourselves time and again only to be slammed with disdainful attitude at almost every action.

is playing at revolution a game or a generational or cultural identity that only the young are invited into? if so, that's really fucked up. i want to see where most of you are when you reach your fourties and fifties. you may understand more then, but you may have sold out too.

I'll certainly be there 24.Mar.2003 23:56


I'm not going to divulge the march routes, because in case you haven't guessed, the heat is on us right now. I'll tell you that this is an action that will target aspects of capitalism that are funding the current war. People will have each others backs, but you have to understand we're in a much different situation than we were a week ago, and this is likely how it's gonna be until the shit really hits the fan. Affinity groups are organized and informed about what will happen, just stay tight and keep a clear head.

BTW 25.Mar.2003 00:15


This was decided in a completely open and democratic spokescounil meeting, so if you want to help plan more of the actions in the future you have to show up.