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war update from iraqwar.ru

March 23, 2003, 1200hrs MSK (GMT +3), Moscow - The situation in southern Iraq can be characterized as unstable and controversial. Heavy fighting is taking place in the Umm-Qasr-An-Nasiriya-Basra triangle. Satellite and signals intelligence show that both sides actively employ armored vehicles in highly mobile attacks and counterattacks. Additionally, fighting is continuing near the town of An-Najaf.
iraqwar.ru 24.Mar.2003 19:37


 http://www.iraqwar.ru is proving to be a valuable source of media other than the blatantly war-supporting U.S. media.

To check out their news updates, use the Babelfish Translator:

babelfish.altavista.com - translate the whole webpage from russian to english!

in amerikanski 24.Mar.2003 20:15


ok... sorry for that... i posted an incomplete article with no link to the site it came from. and if you go to the iraqwar.ru site you're going to need to brush up and your russki...

however... if you'd like to use this resource and are confined to the use of english... here you go:


sorry about the confusion. follow links marked "news" and you'll get some pretty up to date reporting.

correction 24.Mar.2003 22:11


you mean "angliski". "Amerikanski" is a nationality; not a language.