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Small arms, grenade fire downs two Apaches and forces others back

Hope for those fighting a "superior" foe:
New York Times reports 2 Apaches down and 30 others forced back back by fierce grenade and small arms fire just south of Bagdad.
New York Times reports 2 Apaches down and 30 others forced back back by fierce grenade and small arms fire 60 miles south of Bagdad.

The link was just taken off of Yahoo so I am trying to find the story again.

The crew of one was rescued but the other was captured.

Iraqi official media reports that untrained farmers brought down the helicopters with rocket propelled grenades and small caliber arms. These helicopters are used as airborne ground assault vehicles. They are well armored and use the most advanced weapons systems.

Apparently they tend to fly low to increase surprise and in large packs ("swarming") so that may leave them open to ambush from rockets.
downed choppers.... 24.Mar.2003 18:12

P. Artega

I take it this news pleases you..? If you are a pacifist, why are you celebrating the news of ANY violence? Or are you the window-smashing type of 'pacifist'? Further, you have options. There are many places to live in this world.

Why do you choose to stay in a country that you have no respect for?

PedrÝ Artega

Not all of us are pacifists 24.Mar.2003 18:51


I can't speak for the original poster, but for me, I hold utter contempt for the current government of my country. This does not mean I don't love my country. The choice I have is to stand up for what I believe is right, or to simply wave a flag like the great flock of sheep about to go over a cliff.

Mr. Artega, I intend to stand up for my country by standing up for what is right. If you can't respect that, then it is you who don't belong in this democracy!

if you don't like... 24.Mar.2003 18:58


... the opinions expressed here DON'T READ THEM! Go somewhere else to read the news(but by all means stay in the country). Is your world so small that you can't handle someone who doesn't agree with you? Should we all be sent off to the re-education camps until we learn how to please YOU? This isn't high school, buddy-grow up!

pleased? 24.Mar.2003 18:58


Exactly where in the article did the reporter mention or even insinuate that he was pleased?

justified self-defense 24.Mar.2003 18:58

is ok by me

Lets hope we get our asses kicked - and are sent packing from the rest of the planet - 130 countries now-