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find other ways to demonstrate what war is like...
It is vital that the peace movement stays alive. I understand that many of us have jobs and can't attend all of the events, but it is desperately important to demonstrate to the general public that war is not the answer. I have already talked about the importance of demonstrating that Portland easily becomes a police state during a protest and inconveniences and frightens people who still try to go about their daily business. We need to demonstrate what war is like. Last night on NPR I heard someone talk of the integral role images played in the protests against the war in Vietnam. I suggest that all creative people get out there with installation art that is strategically placed - in neighborhoods, near schools, off of high-traffic roads. I suggest that we continue the die-ins and other visual. Writers and film makers can take their work to the streets also. It is amazing the effect that the sound of helicopters and sirens have on the public right now and we should realize that we are making a difference by creating these situations.

I know that we are all tired from our efforts. I know that some of us are in despair because the peace movement didn't keep the war from starting. I know that many of us have demanding jobs or financial problems that don't allow us to head to the streets for every vigil or march.

Please find other ways to raise your voice. Don't give up. We have to keep making noise.
i concur! 24.Mar.2003 20:35


I agree. Along those lines, the somber drumming and slow march of today's rally were very effective.

Why I stopped marching, until tonight 24.Mar.2003 22:32


I marched in most all of the big marches up to and including March 20. Unlike many others who post here, but perhaps like many others in those marches, I have NO goal of interfering with commerce, interfering with traffic, interfering with the press, defacing property, aggravating police, committing disobedience of any kind, or getting arrested, and I still hope that our current governmental system is adequate for addressing our grievances, given time, if we will but use it effectively. My reason for marching (and the reason for people marching with me on some days) was to help provide indisputable physical and photographic evidence that a large number of people were against the war, even before normal democratic processes (e.g. a vote) and public debates could be used to show that in more effective ways. I was also there to learn how to do more, using standard governmental and political means.

I was wary about marching on the 20th because of a lack of a permit, so was ready to pull out at the first sign of trouble. Willing police assistance led me to believe that there might not be any trouble. When the march hit 2nd and Burnside, the crowd told me that the police indicated that was the end, which just left a big pool of marchers in the middle of the intersection. I began to see very frustrated drivers, and I didn't really blame them. I followed some of the marchers up to 3rd and Burn, and then south on 3rd, to get out of the way. The march soon appeared to circle back on itself, so I pulled out (then shortly before 6PM), ate, and took MAX home, only to hear about the rest of the chaos on the news.

Because of that, I didn't march the next day. It got worse when I read of people in a subsequent march getting cited for jaywalking even when they used the sidewalks. I decided not to march again until there was a permit and very little likelihood of trouble. Some of the "shut-it-down" crowd may think I'm a wuss, but I march on my own terms, not theirs.

I marched again tonight, March 24, in the PPRC-sponsored march, with a permit. It was exactly what I was waiting for. Believe it or not, the police even got an ovation from the marchers for their assistance. The word of the night (other than "hypocrisy") was PEACE, and the mood was somber, reflecting on the lives and dreams being ruined by Bush & Co's ridiculous actions. I look forward to the next PPRC-sponsored event on Friday. This war is wrong, that it will not achieve peace, and Bush and the New American Century ("PAX Americana") must be stopped. In addition to marching, I continue to write to representatives and politicians, especially thanking those who seem to be speaking their minds against the war and Bush's tricks (e.g. Daschle, Conyers, Kucinich, Waxman, Deborah Kafoury).