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People's Food Co-op to donate 7% of Saturday's sales to local peace efforts

On Saturday, March 29th, People's Food Co-op will donate 7% of sales to local peace efforts.
As part of the Peoples Co-op Grand Opening festivities going on all this week, Saturday will be a celebration of the seven cooperative principles. The seventh of these is "Concern for Community", and in the interest of fulfilling this principle, the staff of People's voted to donate 7% of sales that day to local peace efforts. This money will go to the McKenzie River Gathering's Peace Action Fund.

The People's Grand Opening kicked off on Saturday the 22nd. The sullen mood of war was unmistakably present, but the ribbon cutting ceremony provided proof that positive alternatives to the status quo can not only exist, but thrive. People's is a member-owned, collectively-run cooperative and the new building utilizes many green-building techniques that used recycled materials and will reduce energy consumption. If all businesses employed the same sustainable practices, there would be no need for a war to control oil, or for a foreign policy that enslaves millions for corporate profit.

Time is quickly running out for business-as-usual in the United States. The resources to keep this massive greedy machine running are being depleted quickly. Within a few decades, the oil reserves will be tapped out, and in the meantime we can expect skyrocketing prices that will affect everything from the morning commute to the price of produce.

Finding ways to live and be happy with the resources of our bioregion are, therefore, more important than ever before. At People's, the staff is careful about its product selection, and labels fruits and vegetables with their place of origin. The Wednesday Farmer's Market gives you the chance to buy food directly from the people who grow it. The excellent selection of bulk food means you can forgo the wasteful (and often oil-sourced) packaging that so much of our foodstuffs are now shipped in. Plus, the people who work, volunteer, and shop at the store have a wealth of knowledge about how to live in better harmony with the earth. Just by striking up a conversation there, you can learn a lot.

People's slogan is "Food for people, not for profit". If all capitalism worked like this, there wouldn't be much to complain about.